RaGaPa and NETGEAR Partner to Provide a Joint Solution - Instant...

RaGaPa and NETGEAR Partner to Provide a Joint Solution - Instant Captive Portal

By Gagandeep Singh, Co-Founder and CEO | Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Gagandeep Singh, Co-Founder and CEO

Instant Captive Portal enables NETGEAR to provide integrated Wi-Fi monetization and engagement features in its cloud management platform, NETGEAR Insight.

FREMONT, CA: RaGaPa, a pioneer in the space of Wi-Fi monetization, partnering with NETGEAR, Inc., a global networking company announced a joint solution. The new solution enables NETGEAR to provide integrated Wi-Fi monetization and engagement features in its cloud management platform, NETGEAR Insight. The joint solution is named Instant Captive Portal, a login page that customers can use to access public Wi-Fi networks. Instant Captive Portal powered by RaGaPa is an advanced captive portal. It possesses multiple social login options, deep user analytics, vouchers support, and a host of Wi-Fi monetization features that includes videos, display banners, payment system, and user surveys. It gives easy portal customization with its comprehensive dashboard.

 “RaGaPa’s CaptiveXS is the leader in cloud-managed Wi-Fi monetization and customer engagement space for venues of all sizes,” said Richard Jonker, Vice President of Product Line Management at NETGEAR. “Together, we are providing our customers with a breakthrough technology to monetize their Guest Wi-Fi. The key benefit of Instant Captive Portal Powered by RaGaPa is its unmatched ability for businesses to quickly configure and run Wi-Fi marketing campaigns from NETGEAR Insight.”

Access points enabled with NETGEAR Insight will support this joint solution out of the box. NETGEAR entered into a technology licensing agreement with RaGaPa to leverage the rich functionality of CaptiveXS—Wi-Fi engagement and monetization solution by RaGaPa.

Businesses are looking for opportunities to engage with their customers, thereby enabling their products to reach them and monetize all customer touchpoints. Guest Wi-Fi is an excellent approach to execute some of the most innovative customer engagement campaigns involving three critical aspects of active customer engagement over this Wi-Fi. First, customer data acquisition and advanced analytics are vital as it offers more personalized customer engagement over guest Wi-Fi. Second, an intuitive and easy to use Wi-Fi monetization solution is crucial so that the SMBs can experiment with Wi-Fi marketing campaigns without depending on IT. And finally, the solution should be manageable from a centralized cloud hosted dashboard. RaGaPa’s CaptiveXS platform offers these three critical aspects with simplicity to integrate within their easy-to-deploy cloud solution insight.

 Gagandeep Singh, Co-founder, and CEO of RaGaPa, stated, “It is fascinating to work with a partner like NETGEAR. Integration of CaptiveXS into NETGEAR Insight will help NETGEAR customers, especially SMBs, to quickly reap benefits from a full suite of Wi-Fi monetization features. SMB customers are busy and therefore, an end-to-end, centralized cloud-based Wi-Fi monetization solution, that is easy to manage and configure, helps SMBs save time and effort. We believe that the rich data analytics acquired from the venue’s guest Wi-Fi could be a game-changer for our customers with this joint solution. With NETGEAR, we are now looking to rapidly grow our global footprint.”

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