Quick Guide to Achieving Effective Data Security

Quick Guide to Achieving Effective Data Security

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, November 29, 2018

Digitization of businesses worldwide has made most business transactions and processes to be conducted through several software and applications. This has made the business data vulnerable and prone to potential cyberthreat and hacking. The issues of cybersecurity and data breach are the brimming concerns of several enterprises, as they struggle to find effective ways to thwart cyberattacks on their businesses.

It is highly significant, in this scenario, to take immediate and practical steps to promote protection for the businesses, employees, customers, and most importantly the data. To develop better security for the business, the company heads should engage in making the employees aware of data breach threats. The employees should be well-equipped to detect such threats and act vigilantly in such situations. Regular company meetings, reminders and data breach ‘fire drills’ can help enhance the vigilance of the employees. The firewall software used by the companies should be able to prevent any unauthorized access of connections of malicious software into the system. The firewall should be able to analyze any program wanting access and block it or allow it, based on the pre-set rules. This software should also be maintained and updated regularly to ensure protection.

Any sensitive data like customer information or financial details should be highly encrypted to prevent any violation. Proper encryption protects files, folders, and data stored on the computer as well as the cloud. The employees should be provided with VPN, especially for occasions when employees perform work-related activities outside the office. The use of unprotected Wi-Fi networks can prove to be harmful to the company, as through this unsecured network, important data might get intercepted and hacked into. The companies should also ensure to upgrade their login protocols and adopt two-step authentication methods to make their business better equipped for preventing data breaches. If at all an event of data breach occurs, the companies should ensure that all login credentials are changed immediately to prevent hackers from getting any further information from the breach. Every company should also be ready with a data breach response plan and follow guidelines stated in The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Guide for Cybersecurity Event Recovery and the FTC’s Data Breach Response guide to efficiently prevent cyberattacks to their enterprises.

All enterprises should engage in promoting stronger and effective security protocols to carry out their business transactions in a successful and protected manner.

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