QLogic Debuts Enhanced Fibre Channel Adapters to Provide Improved...

QLogic Debuts Enhanced Fibre Channel Adapters to Provide Improved Storage Connectivity

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, June 07, 2018

FREMONT, CA: QLogic, a provider of data, server, and storage networking infrastructure solutions, introduces a new portfolio of Enhanced Gen 5 (16Gb) Fibre Channel Adapters and Gen 6 (32Gb) Fibre Channel Ready platform to reduce workloads, provide low latency SSD/flash-based storage and caching, and memory-intensive and transaction-heavy applications including virtualization, online transaction processing (OLTP), data migration and 4K video production.

The QLE2694 Series of Adapters include: QLE2694U which is a quad-port, full-height Enhanced Gen 5 (16Gb) Fibre Channel Adapter that is upgradable to Gen 6 (32Gb) Fibre Channel; QLE2694 which is a quad-port, full-height Enhanced Gen 5 Fibre Channel Adapter, and QLE2694L, a quad-port, low-profile Enhanced Gen 5 Fibre Channel Adapter.

The features of the new connectivity solutions include:

Easy Upgradability from 16Gb to 32Gb Fibre Channel:

The QLE2694U is the Gen 6 Fibre Channel Ready that can be upgraded from 16Gb to 32Gb Fibre Channel by simply changing the optics. Such flexibility helps in ensuring long-term infrastructure investment protection.

High Performance and Scalability:

By leveraging QLogic’s unique port-isolation design, the QLE2694 series of quad-port Gen 5 Fibre Channel Adapters provides independent data paths for each port, running full line rate with more than 12,000MB per second. It provides double the performance per adapter and two times the IOPS of previous Gen 5 Fibre Channel Adapters to deliver scalability in multiplying the number of virtual machines (VMs) per system.

StorFusion Technology for Advanced SAN Fabric Management and Performance:

QLogic StorFusion technology leverages Brocade Gen 5 Fibre Channel fabrics to deliver a full suite of diagnostics, rapid provisioning, and guaranteed performance service-level agreements (SLAs). By using software-defined dynamic fabric provisioning and centrally assigned Fibre Channel node assignments within StorFusion, the adapters automate and simplify storage area network (SAN) deployment and orchestration.

Improved Operational Efficiency:

The QLogic QLE2694 Series Adapters provide up to 75 percent lower power per port compared to previous Gen 5 Fibre Channel Adapters for reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). By incorporating StarPower technology with dynamic and adaptive power management features, the adapters helps in optimizing power and lower thermal operations in the data center.

Data Center Orchestration for Single or Multi-Tenant Environments:

The enhanced Gen 5 Fibre Channel Adapters are integrated with major data center orchestration platforms including VMware vCenter and Windows Server with Hyper-V to enable per-VM storage management through the use of policies, and Windows Server 2012 Virtual Fibre Channel (vFC) technology for simplified live VM migration. The QLogic QConvergeConsole (QCC) plug-in for VMware vCenter Server and vSphere Web Client provides a graphical topology map of the virtualized infrastructure to simplify complex management tasks.

 “Our Enhanced Gen 5 Fibre Channel and Gen 6 Fibre Channel Ready Adapters provide game-changing data center orchestration, virtualization and performance capabilities that specifically address the needs of the fastest growing segments of the SAN market such as all flash arrays, and multi-tenant environments. Fibre Channel is the most trusted network for storage, servers and applications. Even in the world’s largest cloud companies, the front end may run on Ethernet, but the back end, where mission-critical operations reside, run on Fibre Channel. Fibre Channel is the ‘Swiss Banking’ of network protocols and it will be the trusted fabric for many years to come,” says Vikram Karvat, vice president of products, marketing, and planning, QLogic.

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