Proxim Addresses the Challenges of Managing Heterogeneous Radio...

Proxim Addresses the Challenges of Managing Heterogeneous Radio Access Networks

Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, November 30, 2018

SILICON VALLEY, CA: Proxim Wireless Corporation, a provider of wireless internet solutions, unveils a management system that combines carrier-class Network Management Systems (NMS) and Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) controllers in Proxim Vision Advanced (PVA).

PVA is a tool to manage and secure wireless networks. It enables organizations to stay ahead in network management and control by providing seamless command over a Heterogeneous Network RAN (Radio Access Network) deployment in an innovative platform. The solution offers detailed fault reporting, configuration, administration and provisioning support for all Proxim radio products such as Wi-Fi access points, backhaul links and point to multipoint solutions.

PVA comprises a host of controller features including Topology maps, bulk upgrades, bulk configuration and profiles and license upgrade and inventory controls. Topology maps offer visual representation of network while bulk upgrades perform software updates for all network elements. License upgrades and inventory control keeps a track of deployed elements in a network.

The solution houses a full REST API implementation allowing users to define the interface between PVA and higher level NMS. It removes management system as a single point of failure by supporting redundant services and databases. It also supports 10,000 nodes per server/ cloud installation and offers customers a choice to deploy PVA on a dedicated server or through PVA’s cloud support.

Numerous technologies are being adopted to meet the challenges in growing demand for broadband which involves multiple RAN technologies. Proxim addresses the challenges of managing complicated heterogeneous RANs with multiple frequencies, power levels and applications. With PVA, every Proxim network element is managed under a single system ensuring seamless integration and control.

"As wireless and Het Net RAN deployments in particular continue to outstrip industry expectations, carrier and enterprise customers are finding themselves struggling to juggle multiple systems for management and control of their networks," says Greg Marzullo, President and CEO, Proxim Wireless. "With PVA, Proxim redefines the NMS/WLAN controller landscape with a hybrid solution today to deliver what our customers need for tomorrow. PVA has been architected to lead the way in simplifying, cost reducing, and easing operational challenges for the highly complex Het Nets being deployed."

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