Prime Concern for Network Managers Today

Prime Concern for Network Managers Today

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, September 10, 2018

Due to the increase in deadly threats, the need for an effective security system is always a prime concern for any network manager today. There is also the rise of diverse cyber espionage groups that have tried to seize the vulnerabilities of routers and various other devices that provide a strong foundation to the modern network systems.

With the passing of every year, network security issues have continued to become more vulnerable than ever before. Earlier this year, major security breaches have occurred that includes the stealing of personal financial information in the Equifax branch to renowned retail brands like Lord & Taylor. Numerous cyber espionage groups have attempted to utilize the weaknesses of routers as well as different types of devices that are the bedrock of modern day networks.

There was the infamous March ransomware attack in Atlanta during which SamSam malware hoodwinked municipal corporations. The attack is considered the worst attack in US history. Out of 424 software programs implemented by the city, more than one-third was made offline or partly crippled when the incident occurred. Hackers had demanded $51000 worth of Bitcoin in exchange for the release of encoded city data. Significant services remained unavailable as the ransom was not paid and it only resulted in creating a greater concern for the run.

The Durham County government in North Carolina implemented a multilayered procedure which included Cisco Umbrella, firewalls from Palo Alto Networks and cloud-based security services provided by Dell SecureWorks. Umbrella is used to analyze the domain-name-system-requests (DNS), and if it locates a malicious site, the software is programmed to automatically block the particular webpage long before it strikes the firewall. The network’s firewall and vulnerability detection capabilities will continue to observe potential malware and malicious websites, at times when DNS request eludes Umbrella.

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