Pre-5G Body Worn Camera Systems: D-Link to Steal the Show

Pre-5G Body Worn Camera Systems: D-Link to Steal the Show

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, March 07, 2019

From healthcare to education, every sector has witnessed how cutting-edge technologies do the magic, and CES 2019 became a paradise to the tech-lovers offering them the chance to have a glimpse of futuristic technologies. This year, CES witnessed several innovative developments on 5G and augmented reality.

4500 companies introduced their products in this carnival of gadgets. For example, Dell made the audience dumbfounded announcing their innovative Latitude 7400, a laptop with a 14-inch screen with proximity sensors from Intel's Context Sensing Technology and drone company AEE Aviation announced to launch a new drone AEE Mach 2 having Simultaneous Location and Mapping (SLAM).

CES 2019 turned into an important platform for D-Link to offer the customer a view of the connected future. They exhibited the new range of EXO mesh enabled Wi-Fi routers which can be controlled through voice commands leveraging Google Assistant or Alexa, and interestingly, the McAfee protection and intelligent Wi-Fi Mesh allows the users to integrate compatible routers. This new EXO range is undoubtedly a great solution for the tech-savvy people seeking something beyond the Wi-Fi signal. The announcement of Pre-5G body Camera and the Edge-as-a-service small cell solution showed the enormous potential to refurbish the emergency services providing the security and law-enforcement officers a better chance to deal with security issues. D-link aims at improving the mydlink ecosystem, and the DCS-8330LH provides built-in Zigbee hub which allows the user to control D-Link Zigbee motion sensors and smart plugs. The innovative camera allows Intelligent Video Analytics (AVA) to detect a person, multi-zone motion, tamper, and boundary-crossing and can create a priority zone.

D-Link's Wi-Fi Water Sensor (DCH-S161) is another innovate battery-powered product of the company which allows the user to detect a water leak leveraging the advanced voice assistant, Google Assistant. Except for finding the leak, this advanced sensor has the ability to forward push notifications to the customers' phones through mydlink app.

The CES 2019 came across a plethora of innovations, and every product exhibited its capability of redefining the upcoming days. The spectators had a chance to see how 5G network will build future connectivity or how one can have regular updates of their parents’ health even from a foreign land.

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