Orthogone Technologies Puts its Trust in Ixia's Network Testing...

Orthogone Technologies Puts its Trust in Ixia's Network Testing Solutions for its New IP Cores

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, June 27, 2018

FREMONT, CA: With the increasing risks of DDoS attacks, advanced malware, botnets, and data breaches, network defenses are constantly under attack. To determine how a security device will perform on a particular network when used in production, stimulating a real-world user traffic scenario is essential. Pursuing this notion, Orthogone Technologies wants to ensure its new suite of networking products are fully capable of delivering the value to its users and as such it has selected Ixia’s network testing solutions to test its new offerings.

For validating functionality and performance of new suite of its ASIC/FPGA Ethernet media access controller (MAC) and physical coding sub-layer (PCS) IP cores, Orthogone Technologies puts its trust in Ixia’s network testing solutions that are powered by media-rich traffic and network conditions that are commonly existing in the real-world environment.

Validation from Ixia will ensure delivery of maximum performance under all conditions for Orthogone’s new Ethernet MAC & PCS IP core products with a compatible XGS2-SD chassis and the NGY 10 GE High-Density XM and Xcellon-Flex 4x40GE load modules.

Offering ultra-low gate count utilization and latency performance, the new set of IP cores has been designed to offer increased bandwidth for a large number of bandwidth-intensive applications such as data centers, high frequency trading, low-latency switches, Quality of Service (QoS) based packet processing, as well as test and monitoring equipment. The IP cores are designed to support field-programmable gateway array (FPGA) devices from Altera and Xilinx as well as application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) and application-specific standard product (ASSP).

NGY load module is designed for both high-density converged data center infrastructure testing and high density 10 GE switch test beds. It leverage Ixia’s converged data center test applications to offer port scalability, virtual scalability, protocol coverage, and an affordable test solution available for data communications testing. While Xcellon stands out to be Ixia’s high-performance architecture for testing next-generation networks and devices.

By using comprehensive emulation for routing, switching, multi-protocol label switching (MPLS), IP multicast, broadband access, authentication, carrier Ethernet, data center bridging (DCB), and software defined networking (SDN) protocols, Ixia’s IxNetwork offers solution for functional and performance testing to help companies handle the most powerful devices and largest networks. The testing enables customers to optimize and validate the design, performance and security of their pre-deployment and production networks.

The network testing solutions offers the customization and flexibility required to meet the wide range of requirements necessary for testing complex network topologies with thousands of network devices. Through evaluation of millions of routes and reachable hosts, Ixia’s testing solutions customizes millions of traffic flows to stress data plane performance. The solution uses powerful graphical user interface (GUI) wizards and grid controls to simplify creation of sophisticated traffic flows. Its enhanced real-time analysis and statistics are capable of reporting comprehensive protocol status and detailed per-flow traffic performance metrics. 

“We’ve teamed with the best in the industry to help us validate and measure the performance of our Ethernet MAC & PCS IP cores. Our MAC and PCS round-trip latency is the fastest in the industry, so we needed a best-in-class test solution to accurately characterize the performance of our products. Using Ixia’s test solutions, Orthogone can ensure compliance and maintain the highest quality standards for our products,” says Alexandre Raymond, senior vice president of product development, Orthogone Technologies.

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