OneWeb and Kymeta Successfully Conduct Land and Maritime Flat Panel...

OneWeb and Kymeta Successfully Conduct Land and Maritime Flat Panel User Terminal Test with LEO-GEO Capability

Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, September 22, 2021

OneWeb plans to partner with Kymeta on compact communications terminals that can connect to satellites and have impressive performance.

FREMONT, CA: OneWeb, the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite communications firm, and Kymeta, the communications company that is globalizing mobile, has successfully tested the Kymeta u8-based LEO terminal with OneWeb's LEO satellite constellation.

The u8 is the industry's first commercially available flat panel antenna to support the OneWeb satellite constellation. OneWeb collaborates with several new user terminal integrators, including Kymeta, to provide solutions for Government, Military, Enterprise, Maritime, and first responder customers. Kymeta u8 is commercially available and enables fixed and mobile services, giving satellite users a choice and redundancy. It has also proved interoperability with LEO and geostationary (GEO) satellite constellations.

Currently, the u8 is the only electronically steered flat panel antenna compatible with both LEO and GEO satellite constellations. The gadget provides both fixed and mobile services, providing satellite users with options and redundancy.

Neville Meijers, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Kymeta, says, “The collaboration with OneWeb supports Kymetas priority mobile markets, and our solution is a natural fit for OneWeb customer needs. Military, government, enterprise, and first responder markets require demanding, mission critical communications, and we can deliver seamless mobile connectivity to those those customers wherever they are in the world.”

In Toulouse, France, Kymeta and OneWeb conducted LEO satellite acquisition, tracking, and throughput measurements. Kymeta intends to use these findings to develop future-proof solutions that are entirely integrated and compatible with the OneWeb system's rapid expansion.

Valery Gineste, Senior Director of Technology at OneWeb, comments, “We are excited about the performance demonstrated in these early pilot test results and pleased to work with Kymeta as a trusted and knowledgeable partner. The u8 will offer another great choice for OneWebs end-customers, particularly those with constrained space requirements or who need communications on the move when OneWeb mobility services start to become available from the end of 2022.”

At the Toulouse demonstrations, full-duplex communications were demonstrated between the Kymeta u8 and OneWeb's satellites. During repeated testing, the single aperture antenna achieved downlink and uplink rates of more than 200 Mbps down and more than 40 Mbps up.

The antenna setup and operations for LEO acquisition and track were both quick and straightforward. This led to the antenna being unboxed, deployed, and connected to OneWeb LEO satellites through an over-the-air link-up in record time for existing configurations. Additionally, the u8 provided an excellent user experience throughout beam and satellite changeover. The versatility of the software-driven u8 enables more flexible and widespread capability enhancements.

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