Nokia Announces Enhancements to its Altiplano Cloud Platform

Nokia Announces Enhancements to its Altiplano Cloud Platform

Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, October 16, 2020

Nokia Altiplano cloud platform revamps openness and modularity for operational tools to help SDN native, disaggregated access networks.

FREMONT, CA: Nokia announces the enhancement of its Altiplano cloud platform by releasing Cloud Acceleration Services to boost Software Defined Network (SDN) success for broadband builders and application developers around the world. The modular, open, and fully programmable Altiplano platform enables network builders to use broadband networks as a platform, making it easy to connect and implement new devices, applications, and services. As a full package and open platform, it serves each operator's demands. Cloud Acceleration Services build and maintain personalized SDN solutions, helping all network nodes find their place in the network.

Moving to SDN and cloud is the best opportunity for network builders to accelerate competitiveness with new operational efficiency levels, scale, and agility. It enables closed hardware-based infrastructure to evolve to SDN platforms. Software-defined access networks (SDAN) bring a flexible cloud to the network.

The path towards cloud and platform operation depends on each operator's unique business, technological and operational requirements. Nokia Cloud Acceleration Services are tailored to simplify the network evolution by applying a three-step approach that enables operators to define the optimal path and speed towards open disaggregated access solutions.  The cloud-native abilities of the Nokia Altiplano platform, coupled with Nokia's System Integration approach and Nokia DevOps Automation Platform, help operators to test and release new features and services on the market quickly.

Nokia delivers the Altiplano Developer Portal, including a software development kit (SDK) to integrate and fully control device and application connectivity. Under the Connected Partner Program, software vendors proactively combine their OSS applications with Nokia fixed networks solutions to fast track integration initiatives.

With the new 1RU Lightspan DF-16G fiber node and the modular chassis Lightspan MX-6, Nokia provides a complete portfolio of SDN native nodes from vast chassis-based systems data-center-powered pod designs to smaller stackable nodes and sealed/dense micro-nodes. For operators with compatible ISAM MX-6 platforms, Lightspan MX-6 allows a smooth evolution to SDN through a software upgrade.

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