NimbeLink Modem to Bolster Secure Data Throughput for IoT Connectivity

NimbeLink Modem to Bolster Secure Data Throughput for IoT Connectivity

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, June 07, 2018

FREMONT, CA: NimbeLink, a provider of web and mobile security applications, announces the implementation of its E2C Link (Ethernet to Cellular) modem on Verizon’s Customer Private Networks (CPN) to deliver a secure channel for network connectivity between remote sensors and servers. The modem has been certified by Verizon.

As IoT and M2M applications and its usage are on the rise, large amount of data transfers takes place over cellular network and the Internet. Though cellular networks are secure, the question of security arises when data enters the public internet. Virtual Private Network (VPN) addresses this challenge by providing secure tunnels between the Verizon CPN and customer endpoints. VPNs block public internet noise, protect data, enhance throughput and improve security of the customer’s data.

Verizon will create a secure CPN for data sent over the cellular network by remote devices to the customer’s internet-connected computer resources. With the approval from Verizon, NimbeLink can now offer its E2C Link product line that can leverage Verizon’s secure Private Networks. E2C Link can provide instant cellular connectivity over the Verizon network for any Ethernet enabled device.

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