New WiFi Setups to Alter Our Experiences

New WiFi Setups to Alter Our Experiences

Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, July 10, 2019

WiFi connectivity has led to a connected atmosphere in the urban space, which was just a dream a couple of years ago. With the advent of new technologies, the digital world is going to be more connected than ever before leading to a multi-connected experience in the human life.

FREMONT, CA: From WiFi 6 to 5G Hotspot 2.0, it is hard to keep track of all the advancements in networking and wireless communication. The WiFi market is expanding exponentially, and it is no longer hard to find a connection. People in urban spaces are already using WiFi on their smartphones, and in the next few years, wearable devices will substitute mobile phones, and data usage will increase.

Top five predictions for the WiFi industry in 2019 that needed to be paid attention to are:

1. Automatic and Secure Authentication Will Become a Reality:

Talks about Hotspot 2.0 for have been there for several years now. This year, it has been expected that at least one major hospitality brand will move forward with a Hotspot 2.0 employment to deliver automatic connectivity to their guests. There are also rumors about the aggregation of WiFi footprints via Hotspot 2.0 amongst brands

2. Central Authentication to Make Cellular Offloading Possible:

The expanding prevalence of Hotspot 2.0 networks will also facilitate cellular offloading. 2019 will see more offloading arrangements and network sharing, where voice and data will move seamlessly between cellular and WiFi networks.

3. Standardization of WiFi across Markets:

Over the last few years, multitudes of brands and operators have been standardizing network stacks across multiple locations, resulting in business efficiencies and better-connected experiences.

4. WiFi 6 Will Pick Up Momentum:

WiFi 6 is a new type of wireless LAN (WLAN) designed to operate in the already existing spectrums. Each generation of WiFi provides faster speeds and increased output. WiFi 6, set to release this year, will deliver an improved experience to address device and application needs, which will give way to faster speeds than ever before.

5. Habitats Will Become Smarter and More Connected:

Devices like digital keys, smart thermostats, and intelligent TVs will become more invasive with the rise in IoT gadgets in public and private settings.

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