New Frontier of SD-WAN: Stepping into the Future

New Frontier of SD-WAN: Stepping into the Future

Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, February 25, 2019

software-defined wide area networkA software-defined wide area network, or more commonly known as SD-WAN, connects complex enterprise networks. The network is indefinitely becoming the lifeblood of any enterprise, in today’s world of a general workforce, complex applications, and sophisticated data. Enterprises have had enough complications in networking, and so, are changing to SDN. Software Defined Network continues to make the networks faster, safer, user-friendly, and cost-efficient to build and operate.

SD-WAN streamlines the workflow, extending wide area network (WAN) to multiple public clouds, integrates third-party applications such as existing management tools for operational billing services and support. SD-WAN also enhances application experiences.

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SD-WANs implementation has solved a lot of business problems as well as provide a lot of benefits.

Improved file sharing: the new network design enables an enterprise to implement new network circuits across the world, which on an average globally was 11.2 times faster on download speed and 6.5 times in terms of upload speed.  Increased agility, by directly taking on the network provisions, an enterprise’s agility rises significantly.

The technology can also help achieve improved customer satisfaction and boost the overall performance of a company's corporate network. SD-WAN is much faster and more flexible; it uses software to route traffic across multiple connections that include LTE, multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), and broadband, opting the best connection for transferring data effortlessly from one location to another. This technology reduces fluctuations in information transfer from one network to another, improves data transfer, and fixes dropped information packets. It improves the prioritizing of traffic in a company’s network. SD-WANs are generally cost efficient when compared to carrier-grade MPLS connections. They also allow the enterprises to effectively work all available network connections to their full potential without the worrying about maintaining backups. SD-WAN improves network security by encrypting wide area network traffic as it relocates from place to place. Although MPLS networks offer higher reliability in information packet delivery, SD-WANs choose to order multiple internet links to maintain the four nines—99.99 percent—in the event of link failure. The technology uses the internet to establish secure and high-performance networks to eliminate backhaul penalties.

SD-WAN promises to revolutionize networking. It will continue to evolve and provide the users with improved connectivity that allows them to break away from corporate LAN further.

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