Network Security, Cyber Security and Information Security at a Glance

Network Security, Cyber Security and Information Security at a Glance

Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Security is the most essential block of business models and is never taken for granted. Since, information has started to play an important role in business strategies terms like information security, cyber security, network security have also come into existence. At times, enterprises are bewildered between these terms and assume them to be the same but they are different from each other, although somehow they are also interrelated to each other.


In simple words, it’s concerned with securing data within the networked computing space of the organization. Practically cybersecurity is about securing data where it is stored, where it processed and transferred to. It deals with the attacks that are made from outside of the organization, security breaches made to access the organization's sensitive data. As whole cybersecurity covers every aspect of security associated with the cyber world.

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Network Security

Unlike cybersecurity, this term is associated with security of assets within the organizations. Network security primarily provides security to network infrastructure of the enterprise. Issues such as securing the edge of network, switches, and routers responsible for data transfer, and other devices operating between the nodes comes under network security.

Information Security

The term involves securing data from unauthorized access, use, disruption, modification, and destruction. It is regardless whether data is stored offline, online, or physically. Information security is possible with the combined efforts of network security and cybersecurity.

Although all the securities are different from each other still they share paths in the real-world scenario. Cybersecurity without network security is not possible as it is essential for the network to be secure to provide security against cyber threats. Whereas, network security can exist without cybersecurity as it is applicable to the assets within the enterprise. A robust system to combat security threats can only be possible when all three of them are worked upon and are updated with time. New age technologies and devices must be incorporated into the security system to enhance the overall security of the enterprise.

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