Network Security: Challenges and Solutions

Network Security: Challenges and Solutions

Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, February 04, 2019

As security threats today are increasing in numbers secure network is the necessity for the enterprises. The threats make high speed wired or wireless network and internet services insecure and unreliable. Some companies face network security problems without even realizing it and the problems remain unresolved. It creates openings for attackers to breach a company’s security infrastructure. Following are some of the network security challenges that should be addressed by the enterprises:

Unknown Assets on the Network: Many businesses don’t have a complete inventory of all of the IT assets that they have tied into their network. If they don’t know about all the assets on the network, they cannot secure it properly. To fix this, organizations should conduct reviews of all the devices on the network and identify the platforms they run. Also, they come to know about different access points of the network and which ones are in need of security updates.

Lack of cybersecurity staff: Shortages of cybersecurity staff lead to resource gap for companies. They should try to fill in the gaps with more automated technology and improved process efficiency. Also, should use technologies to automate critical patch management. Missing patches invite cyber attackers to gain access on the web using an unauthenticated prompt or other methods. 

Poorly configured firewall: Poorly configured firewall let unauthorized users or devices access to the network. Hackers gain entrance through another network connected to the wireline infrastructure.

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Unmanaged end-user mobile devices: Operating environments populated by unmanaged user-owned mobile and other endpoint devices make protecting IT assets complex. Companies should not only depend on certain tools that protect the network from devices as protecting the unmanaged end-user phone or other devices from a breach need more complex security.

Lack of defense in depth: Businesses that have an open network structure, if attackers are in a trusted system, they have unrestricted access to all systems on the network. Businesses should be structured with strong segmentation to keep all their discrete part separate. 

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