Necessity of Today's Enterprises: Data Centers

Necessity of Today's Enterprises: Data Centers

Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, December 23, 2020

FREMONT, CA: The data center industry is booming globally.  The focus on the adoption of advanced technologies such as cloud-based services and IoT are augmenting the growth of the global data center market. The extensive use of technology services such as cloud, big data, IoT and artificial intelligence is prompting operators to adopt high-performance mission-critical IT infrastructure in the global data center market.

Data center investment is set to grow. Amid increasing volumes of data and data center equipment, enterprises see a clear need for more use of virtualization. Businesses must have a flexible data center infrastructure strategy that can support their needs today and also in the future. 

The cutting-edge technologies of the present era are contributing to this need to redefine enterprise data centers. Cloud technology has been playing a dominant role in supporting applications for data generation, storage, and consumption. Since data generation has grown exponentially, owing to recent advancements such as digitalization, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and others, the traditional method of storing or computing data became no longer viable for the digital enterprise. The ability to scale-up connectivity via bandwidth while minimizing the costs also demonstrates the adaption and evolution of data centers over the last few years.

More enterprises today are migrating to the public cloud and developing hybrid models while in-house data centers were the standard in the past. Leasing capacity in co-location facilities on the lease is a viable option for businesses that may wish to avoid capital costs. Established enterprises are also shifting attention to hosting hybrid clouds which allow them to meet the increase in network traffic, as the infrastructure connects two different clouds (public and private) and makes the transfer of data and application completely seamless.

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