Monitor Your Assets Anywhere With Skyhawk Kiwi

Monitor Your Assets Anywhere With Skyhawk Kiwi

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, July 19, 2019

The key features of  Kiwi include, revolutionary cellular technology,  doubled battery life, weatherproof, real-time notifications and easy to use mobile applications.

FREMONT, CA:  PICA Product Development (PPD) has launched its first Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring device, the Skyhawk Kiwi.  Kiwi has a high monitoring solution independent of internet availability and power that causes interruption.

Its high monitoring application platform includes mailboxes, self-storage locations, safes and sheds, cabinets with sensitive materials, marine and contractor assets, trailers, vehicles, animal traps, remote structures, and virtual assets within the cellular coverage.

Skyhawk is a series of products from PICA Product Development. All Skyhawk products are designed for long battery life, which makes Kiwi the best in class product. The product lines are facilitated by new Long Term Evolution (LTE) cellular technology, which is combined with ultra-low powered semiconductor technology and proprietary design techniques. The particular combination provides compact battery-operated devices that are capable of long-term utilization for monitoring assets in remote locations. What was impossible previously is now practical and improvised with Skyhawk Kiwi.

Kiwi is easily accessible from Skyhawk Kiwi mobile app. Kiwi requires no local network system. Kiwi is fully durable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The applications of Kiwi can work endlessly using the ubiquitous coverage of wireless signals.

The Skyhawk device series supports high custom integration into existing enterprise business software via the Application Program Interface (API) solutions. As a part of the launch, The Skyhawk Kiwi Kickstarter 30 day campaign has been deployed and is now live. Kiwi also offers exclusive offers and rewards to early supporters of the IoT management platform.

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