Mission Possible - Enterprise Networking Reaching Great Heights...

Mission Possible - Enterprise Networking Reaching Great Heights with 4G LTE

Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, August 30, 2019

To see the upgrading network solution at the infancy stage is bliss.

FREMONT, CA: As the world grows, consumers grow, and as the consumers grow, the demands increase. One of the most benefitted platforms for growth is networking. As the demands sprout day by day, new technologies enhance their ability to provide the consumers and enterprises with devices and wireless networks.

We are not strangers to 1G and 3G anymore. But the more secure and highly advanced wireless network is still very new to us. Network connectivity is a mountain of business inhabitants that ranges from small, medium, as well as large enterprises. Every business relies on the network these days. One of the key factors while depending upon a network is that to enhance the growth of any business, there needs to be high-speed network connections. In short, no business will flourish if the network is slow.

For instance, no person will like to stand in queues at the mall if the cashier's credit card swipe machine is taking too long to process. This is why we depend upon and look forward to faster networks. And in such situations is where 4G LTE which soon will be 5G plays an important role.

Dig deep to get the treasure-4G LTE

Private LTE is a cellular network that comprises cell sites and deep network servers. It is made to help and support the networks and connectivity of enterprises' requirements that are independent of the cellular networks of service providers. It helps organizations customize their networks. It can be used for mission-critical applications, optimizing the network for low latency, and also supporting specific Service Level Agreement.

Private LTE can be used anywhere, even in places with poor connectivity. LTE helps to keep the data on-site for security reasons.

4G LTE, even in its infancy stage soared from level zero to 150 million users, and today it is used by about 1.3 billion people. LTE not only enables a strong and fast connection to millions of users, but it also acts as an enterprise network connectivity enabler.

How do Enterprises benefit from 4G LTE?

First and the most important would be quick set-up time. 4G LTE helps organizations with faster connections without the hassle of wiring and installation. It enables to connect the entire chain for credit card machines, VoIP phones, and inventory management platforms. It will help enterprises to save a lot of time and resources.

The healthcare sector is also highly benefitted with fast connectivity in innumerable ways. It helps the patients to send reports to the doctors, consult them via video conference. It is a massive benefit for healthcare as it reduces the time to spend on traveling and waiting.

Next, to be noted here, would be connected automobiles. BMW was the first car to run on 4G LTE. 4G would be tremendously helping in construction sites, civil, and mechanical sites by enabling to select and operate data management via the 4G and its faster speed. The advent of 4G LTE helps in different categories ranging from small business enterprises to larger firms in varied ways. Enterprises can also have 4G LTE as their backup network connection if there is trouble in the primary network connection.

4G LTE technology provides high bandwidth reaching up to 100 megabytes per second and a wide range of more than 10 kilometers. Enterprises can deploy 4G LTE connectivity over public or private networks. 4G LTE is evolving into Gigabit, which lays the foundation for 5G.

What the future of enterprise connectivity beholds

Enterprises waiting to invest in private LTE should access their network requirements with respect to coverage area, number, and types of devices, latency, and total bandwidth. Doyle research stated that private LTE or 5G would gain popularity for complex or mobile enterprise networking abilities. It includes augmentation for public cellular, vehicle tracking band digital signage, retail kiosks, and high-definition video cameras.

Along with the growth of the industry, the enterprise network is evolving rapidly. Organizations are witnessing the growing agility, mobility, and bandwidth needs. It is enhancing the deployment of a wide range of WAN solutions to meet the organization's needs. LTE is the solution the organizations look upon, especially when it comes to everything from digital signage to POS devices. It offers a pathway to 5G. It's clear and evident that humanity is yet to discover and reveal more wireless enterprise network, which will revolutionize the next generation as well.

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