Microsoft chooses Aryaka for its Microsoft Azure Networking Managed...

Microsoft chooses Aryaka for its Microsoft Azure Networking Managed Services Provider Program

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, August 01, 2019

Aryaka will be working with Microsoft Azure for the Microsoft Azure Networking MSP Program to streamline SD-WAN connectivity.

Fremont, CA: Aryaka, a global SD-WAN provider, has been selected by Microsoft for its Microsoft Azure Networking Managed Services Provider (MSP) Program. Aryaka is one of the first companies to be chosen for this project and will be employing Azure Networking Services Virtual WAN (VWAN), along with Microsoft Inspire.

This new program combines SD-WAN technology and a global managed service, which can accelerate and simplify SD-WAN connectivity to Microsoft Azure, while the market is reaching its inflection point.

Aryaka's new managed offering comes with an optimized architecture, which helps in enhanced scaling of the Azure VNET deployments. It delivers a faster response to service activation and change, and also offers Azure VNET connectivity with an uncomplicated branch.

Aryaka's new project with Microsoft Azure will take the support of the platform's multi-cloud connectivity, offering distributed SLA-driven access to Azure IaaS/PaaS via ExpressRoute, and to SaaS applications like the Microsoft Office 365. Aryaka, along with offering connectivity, will also be responsible for monitoring the VWAN and providing users with a consolidated, single view into their managed WAN. This project, all in all, is an extension of Aryaka's primary service offering. Aryaka was recognized as one of the Top 10 WAN Organization Solutions 2016 by Enterprise Networking Magazine.

With this new collaboration with Microsoft Azure, Aryaka aims to simplify SD-WAN consumption. This will eventually result in organizations planning to consume SD-WAN instead of building it.

According to a report by Yahoo! Finance, revenues of Microsoft Azure increased by 75 percent year after year, as part of its public cloud services market, which, according to IDC, is rapidly growing at a 22.5 percent CAGR. This incorporated with managed SD-WAN market, is anticipated to rise at a 65 percent CAGR from now until 2025. Aryaka, being a part of both domains, can enhance the growth in both the markets. An IDC report also suggests that 85 percent of enterprise decision makers say they have about two years to transform into a digital space and not doing so would mean the companies would lose to their competitors as well as suffer financial losses.

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