Mellanox introduces ConnectX-6 Dx and BlueField-2 Cloud SmartNICs...

Mellanox introduces ConnectX-6 Dx and BlueField-2 Cloud SmartNICs and I/O Processing Unit (IPU)

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, January 07, 2020

ConnectX-6 Dx and BlueField-2 Ethernet and InfiniBand Connectivity allow the next generation of Cloud, Secure Data Centers, and Storage Platforms a new level of security and efficiency for the organizations.

FREMONT, CA: Mellanox Technologies, Ltd., a smart interconnect solutions for data center servers and storage system provider, has released  ConnectX-6 Dx and BlueField-2, next-generation cloud SmartNICs and I/O Processing Unit (IPU) solutions. It is designed to offer unprecedented data center security, performance, and efficiency on a large scale, for any workload. Utilizing Mellanox's innovation in high-performance cloud fabrics, ConnectX-6 Dx and Blue Field-2 make the impossible possible by introducing cutting-edge hardware acceleration engines and best-in-class software programmability to mission-critical applications. They offer new levels of security and efficiency with the highest return on investment (ROI) for hyper-scale, enterprise, and telco environments.

ConnectX-6 Dx SmartNICs offer up to 25, 50 or 100 Gb/s ports, or a single port of 200 Gb/s Ethernet connectivity powered by 50Gb/s PAM4 SerDes technology and PCle 4.0 host connectivity. The ConnectX-6 Dx SmartNICs, innovative hardware offload engines, incorporate IPsec inline TLS data-in-motion cryptography, advanced network virtualization, RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE), and NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) storage accelerations.

The BlueField-2 IPU incorporates all the advanced abilities of ConnectX-6 Dx with an array of powerful Arm processor cores, high-performance memory interface, and flexible processing capabilities in a single System-on-Chip (SoC), supporting both Ethernet and InfiniBand connectivity up to 200Gb/s. BlueField-2  is ideal for building efficient and cost-effective flash storage, security, Internet of Things, and edge computing platforms. BlueField-2 SmartNICs can act as a co-processor that places a computer in front of the computer to transform bare-metal and increased security capabilities. Along with this, BlueField-2  offers unmatched performance and efficiency for AI workloads in the cloud or at the network edge.

ConnectX-6 Dx and BlueField-2 are designed to address the immense cloud security challenges by delivering protection to an all data center server, storage, and edge computing endpoint. ConnectX-6 Dx offers a wide variety of security-centered innovations, which includes IPsec, TLS, and AES-XTS built-in cryptographic acceleration, and Hardware Root of Trust. Along with these capabilities, BlueField-2 adds increased key management, incorporated Regular Expression (RegEx) pattern detection, and secure harsh computation.

The new cloud SmartNICs offer the latest generation of Mellanox's ASAP2 - Accelerated Switch and Packet Processing technology - with built-in SR-IOV, Open vSwitch (OVS), and VirtIO hardware accelerators. Introducing additional network virtualization offloads, enhanced programmability and extreme scale, ConnectX-6 Dx and BlueField-2 enable highly efficient hyperscale cloud and SDN/NFV data centers, with a smooth transition from previous ConnectX and BlueField generations.

ConnectX-6 Dx and BlueField-2 offer unparalleled RDMA performance over Ethernet and InfiniBand with enhanced programmability and robustness. Advanced traffic management innovations help the communications to run seamlessly over ordinary networks, making RoCE the enterprise-grade, easy-to-use, network transport technology of choice.

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