Mainstream Data with iDirect Platform Diversifies its Satellite...

Mainstream Data with iDirect Platform Diversifies its Satellite Communications

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, August 09, 2019

ST Engineering iDirect, Inc., has announced that Mainstream data will undergo expansion with respect to its business continuity, besides its private networking services that are based on the iDirect platform.

FREMONT, CA: Mainstream Data is a totally incorporated satellite network operator with a keen focus on facilitating IP connectivity services throughout North America. Their customers belong to diverse sectors, including enterprise customers, banking, and healthcare.

ST Engineering iDirect is a renowned name in satellite communications and is a part of ST Engineering North America. The enterprise enables solutions and technology to facilitate its partners from across the globe to optimize their networks along with differentiating services to derive increased profits from their business ventures.

At present, several rural communities in North America are underdeveloped with respect to terrestrial IP infrastructure. As a result, there exists a gap between enterprises and its partners, data centers and customers. It is with an aim to improve the situation that Mainstream Data has decided to focus on private networks and business continuity for healthcare and banking sectors in rural areas of the U.S.

Currently, it has been confirmed that Mainstream Data will be expanding its business continuity along with private networking services on the iDirect platform. The expansion is expected to empower Mainstream Data to cope with increasing connectivity demands from new and existing customers belonging to the banking and healthcare sectors.

Mainstream Data is confident that associating with ST iDirect platform permits the former to extend high-quality service at reasonable costs to customers.

Through the IP networking solution that is built on the iDirect platform, it would be possible for Mainstream Data to assess the primary IP link of customers. Resultantly, Mainstream Data can provide a completely-managed backup integration over satellite in case there is any degradation happening with the primary connection.

Furthermore, Mainstream can leverage the ST Engineering iDirect’s Quality of Service, or the QoS ability by prioritizing latency-oriented traffic for supporting critical communications. To further complement its expansion, Mainstream has bought what could be its 3rd iDirect hub. 

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