MACOM Introduces the First 400G-FR4 L-PIC for Cloud Data Center...

MACOM Introduces the First 400G-FR4 L-PIC for Cloud Data Center Applications

Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, March 15, 2019

MACOM Technology Solutions Inc. announces the launch of MAOP-L564FP, a quad-channel silicon photonic integrated circuit with integrated lasers (L-PIC) for 400G-FR4 applications. The MAOP-L564FP enables users to scale from 100G to 400G while significantly reducing cost due to the ease of assembly, calibration, and test while decreasing the production capital expenditures required.

Data is the king, and therefore its explosive growth and insatiable demand are pushing the cloud data center to continue to scale their advanced solutions. As MACOM is developing highly-integrated, excellent performance and cost-effective products from their patented L-PIC technology platform, the firm is all set to enable the transition from 100G, 400G and beyond their fully MSA-compliant solutions for CWDM4, FR4, and FR1/DR1.

“MACOM is continuing to leverage our L-PIC platform to enable the Cloud Data Center market with fully optimized solutions for scaling to 100G, 400G and beyond,” said Vivek Rajgarhia, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Lightwave, MACOM. “Leveraging our strong analog and photonic product and technology portfolio, our new 400G-FR4 device is expected to offer customers a high-performance, pre-engineered solution that reduces overall cost and investment while shortening time to market,” he added.

The company’s 400G-FR4 offering, the MAOP-L564FP incorporates CWDM lasers, PAM-4 modulators, and a CWDM multiplexer and monolithic monitor photodiodes. As this device features low power disruption and high bandwidth, it is designed to operate up to 80 degree Celsius. Together with the newly announced MAOM-005424 companion quad-channel driver and MAMF-11097A PIC controller, MACOM is providing a pre-optimized chipset.

MACOM is known for providing a safer world through its semiconductor technologies for optical wireless, and satellite networks that satisfy the society’s ever-growing demand for data. The company powers the infrastructure that millions of lives and livelihoods depend on to communicate, travel, stay informed, and be entertained. MACOM technology also enables next-gen radars for air traffic control and weather forecasting.

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