LynxSpring Launches E2E Initiative; Addresses the Growing Demands...

LynxSpring Launches E2E Initiative; Addresses the Growing Demands of Connected Devices and Equipments

Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, June 06, 2018

MISSOURI, KA: LynxSpring, designers of internet based automation and cyber security technology have announced their latest initiative, to take the LynxSpring edge-to-enterprise (E2E) initiative for connected devices and edge equipments, up to the cloud.

LynxSpring provides E2E solutions for building automation, energy management, cyber threat and security protection, equipment control and other specialty applications. Their technology supports true plug and play, multi vendor interoperability, that simplifies the automation and information architecture across the entire enterprise, lowering the occurance of all possible errors.

The LynxSpring E2E encompasses Onyxx, embedded edge hardware platform, and Helixx, open source software platform. E2EOnyxx includes open hardware and gateway, supporting multiple devices, edge-to-enterprise and cloud applications. It also simplifies connectivity, communication, data exchange and collaboration.

The LynxSpring E2E family comprises of three products:

Onyxx BACnet to Haystack data pump – Data pump providing BACnet to Haystack communication and data exchange between devices.
Onyxx Cellular Router – Enables collaboration between intelligent systems and cloud services. Includes 3G, cellular wireless modem for remote monitoring and control of equipment.
Onyxx Modbus to BACnet bridge – Elevates Modbus to BACnet protocol translation to a higher level, by translating up to 2500 Modbus points to BACnet points. Also converts Modbus slaves to virtual BACnet devices.

They have also announced the availability of Conexxion, an SaaS platform that combines cloud, hardware and an analytics engine supporting integration and creation of smart buildings and equipment data into corporate business intelligence layer

LynxSpring E2E is empowering customers to take full advantage of IoT, working with software and hardware technologies that not only offer choice and flexibility, but also helps them react quickly to the markets growing demands.

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