Looking for Exceptional Network Connectivity? Try SD-WAN

Looking for Exceptional Network Connectivity? Try SD-WAN

Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, May 31, 2021

WAN allows organizations to handle their network cartography and consumer access closer to the development of the enterprise.

FREMONT, CA: The telecommunications industry is experiencing imminent changes with SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide-Area Networking) with the constant demand for flexibility and centralized management to go hand-in-hand with security.

SD-WAN already has an excellent response from customers, and the market cap has seen an astounding growth rate of 56.1 percent and will soon reach 12 billion dollars. It offers exceptional network connectivity for companies. The global market size for SD-WAN was 1.4 billion dollars in 2019 but is projected to hit an unprecedented 43 billion dollars by 2030.

1. Collaboration with Cloud Giants to Improve SD-WAN ImplementationTop SD-WAN Solution Companies

In 2019, the deployment of SD-WAN witnessed a significant increase from 35 percent to 54 percent. Almost 90 percent of businesses are still actively piloting and using WAN services. As most respondents are progressively leveraging cloud services, SD-WAN has a clear link over cloud services and physical locations.

All leading technology giants will continually redesign the functionality of SD-WAN solutions and application programming interfaces. This instance will ensure that the process is efficient and error-free. Automation brings the best out of cloud services, making the process easy and fast, despite cloud solutions' inherent complexity. SD-WAN integration allows users to use various forms between cloud services and physical location.

2. Progression of Digital Workplace

Today, the working methods are seeing significant shifts, such as moving jobs to remote areas, using cloud-based services, and many more. As organizations become virtual, WAN needs to outperform and increase productivity. As the nature of work moves to a digital space, conventional routers struggle to perform while costly. According to one enterprise, by 2021, more than 27 billion connected devices and 43 percent of all appliances will use network connections. The work-from-home movement is a significant development for SD-WAN. As workers are restricted to social distances, there is a growing need for a seamless, stable, and scalable network. WAN has more bandwidth and uptime compared to costly routing solutions.

3. Utilization of Intent-Based Networking for the Effective Operation of WAN Bandwidth

In the past decades, network hardware has governed the ever-evolving enterprise networking industry. However, a modern networking approach now allows automated and policy-based business planning with unified control of network resources. With cloud providers on board, WAN solutions began to see a hike in adoptions in 2019. SD-WAN authorizes cloud integration for business networks by removing the enterprise island aspect. WAN allows organizations to handle their network cartography and consumer access closer to the development of the enterprise. This feature can also be the ideal tool to address network communication problems since it is a cost-effective and time-efficient solution. In the long run, it helps businesses raise more money.

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