Latest Enterprise Networking Trends

Latest Enterprise Networking Trends

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, November 10, 2020

It is expected that advanced technologies like wi-fi 6 and SD-WAN will play an essential role in enterprise networking.

FREMONT, CA: The humanoid robots that can imitate humans get more attention compared to the enterprise networking tech. If a person is not involved in the IT business, it can become difficult for them to know about SD-WAN. This year many of the trends can become a reality.

One of the most exciting trends is 5G. But in most cases, it will be utilized by consumers than an enterprise.

Wi-fi 6 vs 5G

In the current year, wi-fi 6 will more likely enter the enterprise market with employee and enterprise access point refreshes. The demand for 5G will also increase in the market but mostly due to the consumers. According to Cisco, more people will utilize wi-fi 6 in the year 2020 than 5G. The primary reason for such a decision is the inability of 5G service to offer the ultra-high-speed connectivity promised or will be witnessed in the future. It is expected that the market will be relying on wi-fi for the time being. However, when 5G achieves its top-level speed, there can be a phase of innovation in access networking.

Top 10 Enterprise Networking Solution Companies in Europe - 2019On the other hand, the Consumer Technology Association believes that the enterprises will drive 5G despite the publicity about 5G handsets. According to them, it will become easy to develop a 5G ecosystem over the next few years due to the smart cities, media, factories, and agriculture.

The demand for SD-WAN

Along with wi-fi 6 the enterprises are moving towards software-defined WANS because of the immense development and popularity of multi-cloud networking. It is estimated that many enterprises are planning to utilize SD-WAN in the next few months. Therefore, the top-driver of SD-WAN is secure cloud connectivity, cloud apps' performance, and simplified WAN management.

The demand for SD-WAN is increasing rapidly because cloud usage is a primary driver of WAN technology and the rising security issues that the enterprises have to deal with. As the demand is increasing, it is expected that there will be more managed service providers offering SD-WAN as the service.

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