Latest Data Center Upgradations to Recreate Data Management

Latest Data Center Upgradations to Recreate Data Management

Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Data centers are continually evolving and redefining the conventions of data management. This critical transformation opens more opportunities to drive and ease data-driven processes.

FREMONT, CA: The demand for data centers is on the rise as industries are becoming more and more data-centric. The abrupt improvement has brought about many challenges in its wake, and the data center ecosystem is becoming complex. Hence the data centers are looking forward to innovative solutions that can help them stay feasible. In the coming months, one can expect specific trends in data centers.

•  Standardized Regulations

The need to build a standard system that does not become exploitative at the core is rising. For such a system, a set of rules and regulations have to be in place. The governments are concerned about vigilance and taxes and are working towards preparing regulations to which companies and data centers will have to comply to stay functional.

•    Artificial Intelligence in Data Centers

Artificial Intelligence is now widely incorporated into data centers. With this technology, data centers will get better at data analysis and risk management. Data center management will also be made easier with automated monitoring of factors like temperature and cooling, thereby reducing energy spending and maximizing optimization.

•   All-encompassing Comprehensive Security Measures

The companies will be opting for a comprehensive security strategy as the vulnerabilities are continuously increasing, and firms realize that a zero-trust approach is essential. Every aspect of data centers like equipment, services, and staff will be under stringent security policies.

•   Efficiency to Rise

Data centers adapt themselves as they deploy new hybrid systems and introduce dynamic systems with new network structures like clouds. The energy storage aspect is set to improve with the introduction of lithium-ion batteries and other such technologies.

•  Operational capacity continues to increase

Data centers are all set to strengthen their workforce and skill set by changing their hiring strategies and look to create a pool of talent that they can retain.

The data centers are re-inventing critical processes and adopt technologies to stay relevant and provide advanced services. 

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