Lantronix Unveils Ultra-Compact Open-Q System On Module

Lantronix Unveils Ultra-Compact Open-Q System On Module

Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Lantronix releases an Open-Q system on module for sophisticated AI processing, image and graphics processing, and audio processing.

FREMONT, CA: Lantronix Inc. releases the Open-Q, 5165RB System on Module, which is ultra-compact (SOM). Multiple specialised processing cores are included in Lantronix's Open-Q, 5165RB SOM for sophisticated AI processing, image and graphics processing, and audio processing.

The Open-Q™ 5165RB from Lantronix SOM is a production-ready computing module based on the powerful Qualcomm® QRB5165 System-on-Chip with Ubuntu 18.04 Linux that is ultra-compact (29 x 50 mm). Qualcomm Technologies' heterogeneous compute expertise is used in the Open-Q" 5165RB to provide an SoC with numerous specialised processing cores, including:

5th generation AI Engine

Hardware video analytics engine

Qualcomm® Spectra™ ISP

Qualcomm® Adreno™ GPU

Qualcomm® Hexagon™ DSP

Lantronix' 5165RB SOM delivers the ideal computational core for various cutting-edge robotics applications, including sophisticated robotics for consumer, industrial, and defense usage, with the newest Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, enhanced camera functionality, and several high-speed connectors.

AI-enabled drones, UAVs, machine vision platforms, AI processing gateways, face detection and identification systems, deep learning and neural network processing, and autonomous systems can all benefit from the 5165RB SOM.

"A leader in SOMs for robotics and AI innovation, Lantronix empowers developers to create next-gen intelligent solutions, including advanced robotics, AI-enabled drones, AI processing gateways and much more," said Jacques Issa, VP of Marketing at Lantronix." With Lantronix's new Open-Q™ 5165RB SOM, developers gain the perfect computing core needed to accelerate leading-edge robotics application development while reducing time to market."

“We are committed to continuing to enable the digital transformation of industries through our leadership and expertise in premium 5G and AI-enabled robotics and drones solutions,” said Dev Singh, GM of Robotics, Drones and Intelligent machines. “We are pleased to see Lantronix adopt the Qualcomm® QRB5165 processor in their new Lantronix Open-Q module to support the proliferation and innovation of next-generation 5G solutions for robotics and drones.”

"Lantronix's proven track record of successes with Qualcomm Technologies, including the Open-Q 820 and 845 µSOM products, coupled with Lantronix's extensive engineering capabilities and services, enable us to deliver new and exciting solutions, including the Open-Q™ 5165RB to our clients," said Jonathan Shipman, VP of Strategy at Lantronix. "We are excited about the launch of the Open-Q 5165RB and the innovations on our system of module roadmap and our collaborative vision for the future."

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