Kratos Released OpenSpace for Satellite Operators and Ground...

Kratos Released OpenSpace for Satellite Operators and Ground Station-aaS Providers

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, October 28, 2020

An SDN-based platform like OpenSpace’s is critical to provide customers with a complete, economical, and easy to use platform.

FREMONT, CA: Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, a leading National Security Solutions provider, releases OpenSpace, a software platform and family of virtual products that allow satellite operators, Ground-as-a-Service (GSaaS) providers, and others in the space services supply chain to develop fully software-defined dynamic ground systems.

OpenSpace is a great leap forward in ground network technologies that enable operators to apply advances in Software-Defined Networking (SDN) to the special demands of the space industry. SDN technology is common in the broader communications and IT worlds. However, the implementation of SDN has been slower in the space industry because of the unique challenges of virtualizing Radio Frequency (RF) devices and reliably digitizing the RF waves. Kratos has remediated these challenges by virtualizing hardware components in its quantum line and digitizing RF signals for processing in digital environments.

With OpenSpace, Kratos takes strides beyond virtualization to add the orchestration, control, and management abilities to develop truly dynamic ground systems. By coordinating Virtual Network Functions (VNF) as service chains instead of purpose-built hardware, operators can improve the resiliency, adaptability, security, and reliability of ground systems. Ground functions that take weeks to implement are now orchestrated as service chains with OpenSpace, making systems more responsive to real-time changes in network resources, user demand, and threats.

OpenSpace changes the paradigm of ground networks based upon purpose-built, often hardware, and stove-piped software applications in favor of fully integrated,standards-based,  end-to-end service delivery functioning on COTS servers or in the cloud. OpenSpace’s comprehensive SDN framework allows operators to leap ahead in transforming their ground systems, employing techniques from the broader communications industry.

The OpenSpace platform architecture incorporates OpenSpace VNFs that replace dedicated satellite hardware technology, The OpenSpace Controller that coordinates the deployment of VNFs as service chains to support a specific Service Level Agreement (SLA) or mission, OpenSpace OpsCenter which administers the service chain life cycle and bridges management function, and OpenSpace Digitizers reliably that convert RF signals at any frequency band into a VITA49 Digital IF format.

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