Konica Minolta, Sigsense Technologies to Redefine Service Delivery...

Konica Minolta, Sigsense Technologies to Redefine Service Delivery through Internet of Things

Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, November 30, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Konica Minolta's Business Innovation Center (BIC) announced today a strategic partnership with Sigsense Technologies, a big data analytics company that provides intelligent equipment management for service organizations.

Sigsense will provide a remote monitoring and analytics platform for Konica Minolta’s current multifunction products and other future assets. The platform utilizes sensors to collect relevant data on equipment condition and performance, while offering access to real-time analytics through mobile devices and web dashboards. The objective is to help Konica Minolta establish a proactive service model and enable the early identification of equipment issues through predictive maintenance.

As an engine of growth for Konica Minolta, the BIC is partnered with and investing in a diverse range of initiatives in Silicon Valley and beyond to bring emerging and innovative solutions into Konica Minolta's portfolio.

“Together with Sigsense, we are helping customers derive value from the Internet of Things, by simplifying connectivity of assets and providing real-time actionable insights to deliver superior service and productivity gains. It’s a crucial step in our WorkSmart offerings focused on quantified, on demand and connected enterprises,” says Ekta Sahasi, VP , Business Innovation Center.

The Sigsense platform delivers insights and recommendations to help prevent unnecessary down time, limit operational disruptions, track equipment utilization and performance, and increase service efficiency. “Sigsense is excited to be partnering with Konica Minolta,” said Matt Burtch, CEO of Sigsense. “Konica Minolta’s dedication to excellent service and customer satisfaction makes them a great partner, and we’re excited to give them predictive analytics and early problem detection.”

The strategic location of the BIC in Silicon Valley, CA, and additional centers across the globe will expand the company’s international presence and enhance its ability to identify and capitalize on innovative and transformational technologies.

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