Key Features of SD-WAN That are Less Used

Key Features of SD-WAN That are Less Used

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, January 06, 2021

SD-WAN is not merely an alternative to MPLS. Zero-touch provisioning, application-aware routing, and micro-segmentation are some of the features that SD-WAN products and services can offer.

FREMONT, CA: SD-WAN platforms are emerging so quickly that the ones implemented just months ago may already have new features that could enhance efficiency and security and make IT professionals' lives seamless. Yet, many haven't taken benefits of them. So, why aren't IT executives jumping on these features? In other cases, organizational siloes, like the barriers between networking and security teams, have prevented enterprises from activating, for instance, the next-generation firewall or intrusion prevention system that might come with an SD-WAN appliance.

Top 10 SD-WAN Solution Companies - 2020The traditional means of deploying branch office networking gear is to bring the physical device to an area, configure it, test it, and then ship it out to the branch, where a networking professional sets it up. This is a manually intensive and daunting process for enterprises implementing dozens or hundreds of SD-WAN devices across an extensive geographic area. Zero-touch provisioning, which comes standard on most SD-WAN devices, automatically configures an out-of-the-box device. All the device requires is an internet connection to phone home, where it is then fully configured in a fast, efficient, standardized method based on a predefined template.

For enterprises that run business with the federal government, like aerospace and defense companies, or enterprises with PCI compliance responsibilities, which comprises just about everybody else, encryption keys must be rotated regularly. This can be a complex manual process that includes complex change control policies and can need planned downtime. SD-WAN platforms can replace traditional VPN-based key rotations with an automated system that can be programmed to make the rotations as frequently without interruption to data plane traffic. The outcome is better security, no downtime, and no requirement for manual intervention.

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