Kentik's AIOps Platform to Make Network Management Easy

Kentik's AIOps Platform to Make Network Management Easy

Avi Freedman, Co-Founder and CEO | Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Kentik PlatformAvi Freedman, Co-Founder and CEO

Kentik has launched the first and only AI-powered Ops platform for automating network analytics to deliver insights to network professionals.

Fremont, CA: Kentik has announced significant product developments to its AIOps platform. This can help the company expand its analytics offering beyond real-time network visibility. The platform will, now, also be able to deliver proactive insights that provide suggestions and also drive automated actions. The company, through the upgrades, aims at making network management easier, across service providers, multi-cloud and hybrid infrastructures.

IT teams at several enterprises are currently struggling with network infrastructure growth and complexity, as they are surpassing human capacity. A result of this is outages and degradations, causing IT downtime and impacting the business operations.

"At Kentik, we believe that the future of networking is insights and automation to empower, not replace humans," says Avi Freedman, co-founder and CEO of Kentik. "Kentik's AIOps platform offers the insights and automation to make network teams successful and more focused on matters that impact the business. Our interactive visualizations enable teams to ask more sophisticated, interactive questions about their networks, instantly, and at the full resolution. We're also working to automate repeated human tasks in networking, such as traffic engineering, bill reconciliation, determining mean time to innocence for IT issues across dynamic and complex infrastructure, and much more."

Kentik's AIOps platform focuses on 4 main areas—network operations, edge, network protection, and service provider.

The platform allows NetOps and DevOps teams to understand infrastructure, and analyze traffic to and from the cloud, WAN, data centers, and campus environments. With AIOps, the operations and engineering teams can understand their network utilization and costs incurred on their edge networks, including the predicting cost overages and giving alerts to the IT teams on the traffic, so they can be proactive and shift traffic.

The AIOps platform can develop baselines and thresholds, to integrate reputation data and threat, which allows the NetOps and SecOps teams to identify traffic anomalies, investigate volumetric incidents, and prevent threats from hindering performance and availability. Kentik also caters to customers, who are service providers creating and operating digital infrastructure. With Kentik's AIOps, these networkers can follow up on how the services they provide are being used by their customers.

“There’s no cloud without the network, and effective network operations without proper visibility is almost impossible to achieve. That’s a challenge that Kentik is purpose-built to resolve,” said Denis Ducharme, Program Director for IBM Cloud Platform Network and Infrastructure, a Kentik customer. “The ability of Kentik’s platform to detect anomalies, facilitate rapid problem identification, and automate corrective responses is key to delivering highly-available cloud services.”

Kentik capitalizes on the existing network data for powering workflows to automate manual troubleshooting and analysis tasks. The platform is available for existing customers. For the rest, it should be made available by October 2019.

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