Itential Showcases its Infrastructure as Code for Cloud Network...

Itential Showcases its Infrastructure as Code for Cloud Network Automation

Ian Bresnahan, Co-founder, President and CEO | Friday, January 10, 2020

Ian Bresnahan, Co-founder, President and CEO

The infrastructure as code solutions will enable enterprises to accelerate automation and agile network operations.

FREMONT, CA: The hybrid multi-cloud infrastructures in the current landscape require orchestration and automation mechanisms that stretch across controllers operating within multiple domains, and the layers within the domains. The evolution in cloud networking requires robust methods of automating the network. To keep pace with the change, organizations must focus on building trust and confidence through the adoption of test and validation automation.

To assist enterprises in enhancing cloud network provisioning, Itential, a leader in intelligent automation for multi-domain networks, showcased its Infrastructure as Code for Cloud Network Automation Proof-of-Concept at ONUG Fall 2019. It addressed the use of the GitOps strategy for managing network configuration in combination with Itential’s Automation Platform for pushing network configuration. The presentation included the solution and its multi-domain network automation capabilities. ONUG was thrilled to include the multi-domain network automation solutions of Itential.

In an interview to the Enterprise Networking Magazine, Ian Bresnahan, Co-founder, President, and CEO of Itential, said, “Itential’s solution enables organizations with large, diverse networks to easily perform changes to the network, such as network upgrades or configuration changes in days, versus years.”

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Itential has been instrumental in the development of ONUG’s new Orchestration ad Automation Working Group. The company 

showcased how the multi-domain network automation platform empowers enterprises to achieve success by facilitating infrastructure as a service (IaaS) across multiple cloud providers through zero-touch policy-driven automation.

Enterprises can utilize the capabilities of Itential’s NetOps Git Pipeline to manage network configuration. Multi-domain integration can be leveraged for change management, resource management, and notifications. Configuration development and infrastructure tools for declarative infrastructure as a code can be enhanced through declarative Infrastructure as Code.

The solutions will enable DevOps and NetOps teams to accelerate automation and agile network operations through built-in network intelligence and low-code, drag-and-drop development. Itential aims to bolster automation and software-driven infrastructure for digital enterprises in the modern landscape.

Itential offers robust network automation software to enterprises all across the world, from Fortune 500 telecommunications and financial service companies to enterprises of all sizes. It is committed to the development of excellent products designed to pave the way for software-driven networks and next-generation, agile networks. Itential is focused on the delivery of network automation solutions to help the clients realize digital transformation. The offerings of Itential were recognized by the Enterprise Networking Magazine, which named it as one of the “Enterprise Networking Top 10 Networking Startups – 2018.

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