Is it Time to Take Next Step In Network Security?

Is it Time to Take Next Step In Network Security?

Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, January 17, 2022

Hackers will increasingly employ machine learning in attacks and cloud will frequently be seen as fertile ground for compromise. When the technology advances, it is mandatory to secure the networks, as fraudulent contents and insider threats are increasing in enterprises.

FREMONT, CA: The essential role that cybersecurity plays in protecting the privacy, rights, freedoms, and everything up to and including physical safety will be more prominent than ever in the year 2020. More of the major infrastructure is coming online, and vulnerable to digital attacks, data violations involves the leak of personal information is becoming more frequent and more significant. There's an enhancing awareness of political interference and cyberattacks.

With virtually everybody regularly using one or more mobile devices these days, it is hardly surprising that cybercriminals are getting more eagerness to use them to get to their targets. It is very accurate for people who use the same devices for both business and personal communications. Mobile devices are dangerous for many reasons. First and foremost, the mobile antivirus and anti-malware software often delay its PC and Mac analogs.

 Furthermore, mobile devices are, well, mobile. People can use them wherever they go, and often do not pay much attention to the details. From compromised public WiFi networks to criminals merely watching over the shoulder as the user type in their password, it has become a significant cybersecurity challenge because it is harder to protect a mobile device than a computer that safely sits in the office. At most, avoiding the usage of the same tools for personal and business purposes will help limit the damage.

Opposed to a popular image of a hacker as a somebody who looks for flaws in security systems and breaks through them using their IT skills, most of the security violations have always happened and still is happening for other reasons. The most vulnerable link in most security systems is not the software but the people.

People who neglect the company security policies and making mistakes like using a single weak password for all the authentications, both personal and business ones, are more likely to be a security violation than a failure to update the software on time. 

The world is getting more connected. Cybercrime is turning rapidly into one of the significant challenges the entire population has to deal with.

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