Is 5G Risky? Not at All with these Security Steps

Is 5G Risky? Not at All with these Security Steps

Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, June 11, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The arrival of 5G has caused a flutter in the technology industry. Along with the capabilities, the dominant technology brings to the table many security concerns too. 5G has new demands from the networks which imply that the security systems will have to be renewed to address the changes. 5G is going to have a broader range of applications, and it will also see a more significant number of connected devices. Threat prevention for 5G can minimize security risks. A few points that can be used to render strength to network security are as follows.

•  Preventing Advanced Malware

Conventional tools require improvements to be able to spot hazards on 5G networks. Evaluating systems based on behavior at the endpoints can be useful. Methods like sandboxing can help in the detection of threats, and one can block the risk there itself. 

•  Detecting Anomalies

When basic filters are not sufficient to flag the risks, anomaly detection tools that use big data and machine learning are effective. These, when incorporated into network devices and routers, convert them into security sensors.

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•  DNS Intelligence

DNS intelligence can be instrumental in providing the necessary layer of security to 5G. This is an expensive technology, and a lot of resources are also required, for it, but it can ensure adequate protection against any malicious activity. Companies should look for service providers rather than trying to build the tool by themselves.

•  Threat Intelligence

Comprehensive threat intelligence is an essential part of the security strategy. Every company should go for a wide range of resources for their intelligence requirements. Opting for security service providers can work in favor as well. Background checks and the capabilities of these providers should be determined, before choosing them.

The network providers have already started taking steps to incorporate 5G architecture into their systems. Security should be an essential part of this evolution. 5G entails network slicing, which means security has to be dynamic and specific for each slice. Efforts put into security pays back well, and 5G can become a revolution if companies make network security a priority.  

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