IoT to Rule Here

IoT to Rule Here

Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, February 25, 2019

Internet of Things (IoT) drives various manufacturing and supply chain processes in its first phase of implementation. Now is the time for the world to witness the second phase of the implementation where IoT will transform the conventional industrial processes. Other technologies like Artificial Intelligence, big data, and cloud with IoT will give impetus to the development of new robust technological frameworks that drive automation to new heights off-loading burden from human shoulders.

5G is one of the most awaited technologies and is highly anticipated to be the driving force of next-gen IoT devices, allowing them to communicate for longer distances in a shorter time. As smart sensors depend entirely on the network quality comprising speed and bandwidth 5G seems to be the prominent player in the amelioration of the technology. In return, IoT devices serve as the best test subjects for 5G. They help in R&D phase enabling developers to conduct various tests for of the wireless technology. A merged system of both technologies will result in much efficient, agile, and cheap data sharing framework.

Customer Centric Solutions

Stepping out from industrial landscape smart sensors will get integrated into customer-centric solutions for resulting in products like smart locks, automated vehicles, sensor security, and several others. Companies leading in the landscape will have to veer their manufacturing towards IoT as in recent times observations are made that consumers are making a shift towards connected devices technology. Moreover, technology has injected excitement in the monotonous life of consumers.

AI for Security

Security drawbacks of IoT are well-known to industries, and they strive to overcome the same. AI technology is supposed to be on the driving seat for powering connected devices with a security layer. The self-learning technology encompasses real-time threat detection, automatically patching security holes, developing security systems for future threats, and many other features that can form a robust security system for IoT landscape. As a favor, smart sensors will feed AI-tools with abundant data to upgrade themselves.

Apart from the above, several other implementations will be witnessed like a merger with connected cloud technology for the advancement of edge-computing. Connected devices are also foreseen to utilize blockchain technology to overcome current data storage and accountability problems.

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