IoT Revolutionizing Enterprises

IoT Revolutionizing Enterprises

Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, June 06, 2018

IoT is no longer a goal.  It has become more of a need.  According to market estimations, by the end of this year, an astounding 8.4 billion connected items will be deployed globally.

There is a significant transformation occurring in businesses as the IoT now makes mountains of information and data accessible to users with the help of networks of connected devices. This has proven to be useful and has become an essential component in helping companies reform their strategies and gain a deeper understanding of their business.

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Businesses are increasingly looking at connected devices as a source of vital information. This is helping them aide enterprise traffic related to IoT applications, growth and innovation, and devices across local and wide area networks. It is clear that the growing number of connected devices will soon replace traditional private data networks.

Instances such as success stories of autonomously managed car parks and IoT-enabled soil monitoring put to use in agricultural settings are a clear marker of the future. With more and more information available, IoT applications have been a boon to many, affording informed, considered decisions.

Threats relating to the IoT also have escalated at an alarming rate. For enterprises, connected infrastructure and systems can pose serious threats to security. Thus businesses are required to prioritize transparency in the information they receive and be receptive toward more efficient and future-ready network monitoring practices.

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