Instagram to Roll Out App for Sharing Real-Time Information

Instagram to Roll Out App for Sharing Real-Time Information

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, September 12, 2019

Facebook is developing a new messaging app “Threads” for Instagram to share real-time information.

Fremont, CA: Instagram, built with many exciting features, stands unique from other social networks, and is now accompanied by an app called “Threads” to share real-time information with closest friends. Facebook is developing this new messaging app. Threads acts as a companion app to Instagram, allowing users to automatically share information like battery life, location, movement along with photo, text, and video messages using Instagram’s interesting tools.

When Threads is activated, it tends to automatically update a user's close friends on Instagram about his/her location, speed of movement, and more. Currently, the app displays only general information concerning location as “on the move” according to sources familiar with the matter, but will be updated in the future to show the exact real-time location. Facebook has to maintain a balance when sharing information like the location, even it is visible only for close friends. Facebook can avoid potential issues by showing ambiguous information like “Person X is on the go.” But if the information is too vague it will lose its significance such that users might lose interest.

However, it gives some positive effects such that vague information regarding location can avoid potential issues to be caught in lies and deception. In that aspect, Facebook is taking the right approach to start generic, and as the users get used to real-time information sharing culture, thereby, sharing more specific details. Facebook is attempting to fix the lagging engagement, which Snapchat provides through continuous innovation with programs like Threads.

Messaging is at the core of Threads and is similar to the Instagram messaging platform. A green dot by their name can identify the active status of friends, and a central feed displays messages from friends. Updates such as “stories” can be viewed within the app, along with saving photos and videos inside the app and can be sent to friends. As an added advantage, Thread overhauls Direct, a camera first messaging app to send Instagram direct messages eliminating the need to bounce in and out of Instagram by bringing all the features in one application.

Thus, Threads has to provide advanced features and more opportunities for users to share real-time communication and sharing. When a friend gets to know the location status as “on the move” during lunchtime, he/she can spend time, enabling better engagement with actual friends.

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