Innovative and Unique Hybrid Cable Solutions for Indoor and Outdoor

Innovative and Unique Hybrid Cable Solutions for Indoor and Outdoor

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, July 03, 2019

A first-of-its-kind indoor-outdoor hybrid cable is the new market entrant. Read on!

FREMONT, CA: Innovations are everywhere. In a recent development, Superior Essex, a company that manufactures communication products, announced the release of its hybrid cable that can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. The I/O Riser 2x2 Hybrid cable is the first and only communication cable of this kind currently available in the market.

The recently launched cable is certified for wet locations. It is ICEA 696 compliant, which means it can be used indoors and outdoors as it possesses dry water blocking technology. It has been designed such that moisture does not affect its functioning. It is insulated with a special PVC which is sunlight resistant. The cable has water blocking dielectric members and glass yarns. For standard interior usage, the cable can be used unarmored. It also has the license to be used for Direct Burial with an interlocking armor.

The hybrid cable is a new product that is helping advance fiber technology. Its development and usage have the potential to bring up further innovations in the sector, which will subsequently benefit other industries and individuals that make us of cabling for various applications. This is disruptive cable technology at its best.

Apart from the hybrid cable, Superior Essex also launched the PowerWise Fiber platform which enables data and power transmission over a single cable. This offers its users many unique features that help them customize and optimize connectivity in any enterprise ecosystem irrespective of limitations.

Superior Essex is a leading manufacturer of communication cables. With its own product development center, the company has been innovating on various types of cables, cabling accessories, and cabling solutions. Their range of product caters to industrial and commercial as well as individual clients. The company has also put a lot of emphasis on the environmental cause and has taken substantial steps towards incorporating sustainability.

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