Infinera Launches a New End-to-End Network Architecture

Infinera Launches a New End-to-End Network Architecture

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, February 25, 2019

Infinera, a Sunnyvale, CA-based company that empowers network operators to scale network bandwidth, accelerate service innovation and automate optical network operations launches “The Infinite Network.” It is a disruptive and end-to-end network architecture that paves the way to instantly scale and optimize networks dynamically according to the demands of users and applications. The architecture of The Infinite Network has introduced the newest generation of infinite capacity engine (ICE) technology that expands the power of Infinera’s vertically integrated ICE and instant bandwidth operational model. The new network extends ICE and instant bandwidth to the network edge and integrates them into a comprehensive new framework of open, disaggregated, packet-optimized solutions with network automation and machine learning.

The Infinite Network comprises of The Infinite Core, The Infinite Edge, and Cognitive Networking, which helps to provide an end-to-end intelligence and automation from edge to core. The detailed analysis of these technologies is as follows:

The Infinite Core: The Infinite Core helps to solve operator challenges like relentless bandwidth growth and dynamic traffic flows in the core networks. It also offers exceptional optical performance from metro to subsea, which includes 600 gigabytes per second per wavelength transmission. The Infinite Core offers substantial capacity performance and the company’s flexible and scalable software-defined capacity on demand with instant bandwidth. With all these unique capabilities, Infinera’s ICE6 offers a vertically integrated optical engine technology that can deliver up to 800 Gb/s per wavelength.

The Infinite Edge: Driven by the newly added services and cloud-based applications, The Infinite Edge helps to address the disruptive shift in edge network architectures. It can deliver comprehensive solutions for fiber deep architectures which includes 5G and DAA. 

Cognitive Networking: Cognitive Networking helps to solve the issue of operators that require them to transform their operational model to increase efficiency and service agility. Infinera’s new network offers operators with comprehensive foundational software solutions, which supports multi-layer, multi-vendor network automation and optimization across The Infinite Core and The Infinite Edge. 

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