Infinera collaborates with Corsa to Bring out Multi-layer...

Infinera collaborates with Corsa to Bring out Multi-layer SDN-controlled 100G Services

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, June 07, 2018

SUNNYVALE, CA: Infinera and Corsa recently demonstrated the SDN-enabled on-demand 100 gigabits per second packet services; via Corsa's 100G DP6400 switching platform, Infinera’s Cloud Xpress Metro Optical Transport platform and Infinera-developed SDN control capabilities. The demonstration dealt with requirements of High Performance Computing (HPC) and R&E (advanced research and education) applications, where scalable and high-bandwidth services come into effect. The services include dynamic multilayer provisioning, precision switching and terabit traffic management over a converged packet-optical transport network.

Infinera’s Cloud Xpress adapts the photonic integrated circuit technology which consumes low power and support up to one terabit per second of input and output bandwidth in two RUs. Without additional amplifiers Cloud Xpress brings a full 500G super-channel of Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) line-side bandwidth over 150 km.

The Corsa DP6400 has the features to work at SDN scale. The network architects can implement fully programmable SDN networking for data center interconnect, WAN edge, aggregation and optimization of 100G bandwidth. These features are for the networks to evolve with changing traffic pattern, diminish the need of a new product or hardware.

The highlights of the collaboration include 100G with precision switching and QoS which supports high-priority traffic followed by the Metro Ethernet Forum standard E-LINE services. The 100gbE optical transport offers one terabit per second input and output capacity. For dynamic, multilayer provisioning of packet and optical transport layers there it comes the combination of open SDN protocols (OpenFlow, Open Virtual Switch Data Base and NETCONF/YANG).

“The combination of Corsa’s OpenFlow-controlled precision switching and Infinera’s Cloud Xpress and SDN control illustrates what HPC users and R&E network operators want: massively scalable, on-demand layer two services with traffic management and service guarantees,” says Stu Elby, Senior Vice President, Cloud Network Strategy and Technology, Infinera. “We have a strong track record of working with R&E network providers and look forward to working with them to introduce Cloud Xpress and SDN capabilities to meet their exploding bandwidth needs,” added Stu.

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