In what ways is Ethernet Cabling Better than wifi?

In what ways is Ethernet Cabling Better than wifi?

Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, June 30, 2020

It is no brainer that the convenience of wifi connectivity is hard to beat no matter how big an Ethernet buff one is.

Fremont, CA: Wifi enables to stream, talk, and check email form a laptop or tablet anywhere within the range of a wireless access point. The fact remains that wired Ethernet can still give wifi a run for the money. As a result of the recent advancements, wired Ethernet is advantageous that wifi can only dream of. Additionally, wired Ethernet also saves a fortune on installation fees because only one cable is needed to power up; there is no need to hire an electrician for installation. 

Signal Quality

Interference can make it very difficult to get and stay on a wireless network. With more devices coming online due to the exploding Internet of Things (IoT), this may even become more of a challenge shortly, but not with Ethernet as cable connections tend to be more robust. If the user has access to the right cabling solution—Cat6 or higher—then they have all the insulation needed to prevent crosstalk from interfering with the signal.

Top 10 Ethernet Solution Companies - 2019Network Expandability

The main factor that makes Ethernet so attractive to customers is how easy and inexpensive it is to install. Additionally, PoE extenders allow the users to extend boost signals beyond the reach of the 100m cable standard. Network extender kit helps the users to add other networks with the same ease. And VDSL2 SFP Modems helps in connecting Ethernet and Coax instantly, so regardless of the types of networks needed to connect, the users can have things up and running in minutes on wired Ethernet networks.

Device Adaptability

WIFI is excellent for mobile phones, tablets, laptops and even in some cases desktop computers, but the convenience cannot be ignored. Ethernet is still where you see a vast range of device demands satisfied; thus, PoE networks can power and control desktops, access points, LED lighting, monitoring systems, surveillance cameras, VoIP phone systems, and VDSL and DSLAM installations. Furthermore, these installations can happen at home, across a campus or data centre, and even on the floor of a manufacturing plant. Remote cameras have also round their way to the top of highways and suspension bridges.

It is the combination of power and data delivery that allows a broad, flexible application of Ethernet technology. It simplifies installation and keeps costs down.

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