How Wireless IIOT has Helped Maintain Machines

How Wireless IIOT has Helped Maintain Machines

Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Companies have started replacing manual checks with wireless IIOT for efficiently maintaining their machines.

FREMONT, CA: Manufacturers, utilities, and chemical plants have started to embrace the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) systems. This system is made with sensors and other devices connected with the wireless networks to downtime and even enhance the plant's performance.

The IT managers can execute Predictive Maintenance (PDM) with the combination to efficiently monitor the assets like machines and also evade the operational downtime.

What is PDM?

Top 10 Wireless Technology Companies - 2019PDM has sensors that help in monitoring the condition of the assets. The data supplied by the devices are in real-time generally to the software system, and it is then used for predicting the maintenance time of the asset so that equipment failure can be prevented.

Moreover, PDM is a better process for preventing maintenance as it utilizes essential knowledge about the present state of a device, piece of equipment, part, or machine. The machine also helps in understanding the condition of in-service equipment for estimating the time of maintenance.

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PDM can also be less expensive than regular or preventive maintenance as the tasks are conducted only when required.

How has PDM Evolved?

Companies have used vibration monitoring for identifying the issues in equipment and machines. Before downtime, to detect problems, the maintenance staff made use of high-end stethoscopes through which they used to listen to the devices just like the doctors uses on the chest while asking to cough.

However, there are no pros or cons to these high-end stethoscopes as it is still used today. The maintenance teams utilize the device so that they can take readings occasionally. But the method has also been disapproved because it takes more time for the employees to search for the problems than they take in solving it.

Installing wired systems is another method that the maintenance staff uses, but the system is expensive and exceptionally complicated.

Increasing Demand of Wireless PDM

Making use of wireless infrastructure will help the companies to achieve a better, cheap, and more effective method of maintaining essential pieces of equipment. The system will also help them to avoid expensive downtime because the industrial facilities monitor their equipment on a round-the-clock basis.

The demand for wireless PDM is increasing in the market because companies have started replacing manual stethoscope with wireless monitoring.

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