How Will Wi-Fi 6 and 5G Help to Fight Against Network Issues

How Will Wi-Fi 6 and 5G Help to Fight Against Network Issues

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The combination of wi-fi 6 and 5G will help to fight against various network issues like bad performance and latency.

FREMONT, CA: The demand for wi-fi 6 has already increased due to the increasing wireless network issues within companies. Moreover, compared to the earlier versions of wi-fi and wi-fi 5 the new wi-fi 6 has more power to fight against network blockages. It can also offer better protection to the users and more devices with robust resource utilization and efficiency. The high peak speed of wi-fi 6 will also increase the speed of the devices connected to it. W-fi 6 can also enhance the battery life of the device and improve coverage.

Earlier, 3G and 4G were the first generation of wi-fi who made it users to consume voice, video, and data in the digitalized form. With time the type and amount of data increased and became sophisticated due to which the users needed better wi-fi that will protect them with less latency and higher data rates. 

Comparison between 5G and wi-fi

Technologies are all about old vs. new, and wi-fi is also not immune to it. Compared with the 3G and 4G, the 5G networks were introduced as the new contender for the wireless connectivity. After the advent of 5G, wi-fi was described as an outdated technology even though its popularity was increasing each day. 

The capabilities and limited utilization were questioned after comparing it with the flexibility of wi-fi and its dominance in the market. Such differences created confusion among the users as they wanted the best network they can access anytime and anywhere. 

How to fight against network issues?

The primary issue with the network is its latency and bad performance among the users’ wireless experience. These issues were developed due to the increasing rise of mobility in traffic, access, and devices. Every day the wireless market is getting infused with mobile users who have more connected and innovative devices like IoTs, contributing to the rise of mobile data traffic, which also includes business data. 

These issues are disturbing the network in various ways due to which it has become a necessity to develop robust technologies that can help to fight against them. Combining the strength of robust technologies will become easy to provide the best performance and experience in every situation efficiently. When the 5G and wi-fi 6 combine, it can even help to eliminate the network blockages for the enterprises.

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