How Will SD-WAN Assist Manufacturers?

How Will SD-WAN Assist Manufacturers?

Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, April 26, 2021

How Will SD-WAN Assist Manufacturers?Another way to improve security with SD-WAN is to segment the network. Manufacturing companies may use SD-WAN to set network segmentation policies.

FREMONT, CA: Some manufacturers have stepped up in this time of crisis, repurposing their production lines to produce critical equipment like masks, ventilators, and face shields. Manufacturers provided important services to the population even before the pandemic.

As a result, manufacturers can make use of the most up-to-date network technologies. Manufacturers can run at peak capacity all day, every day, thanks to a stable, high-performance, and safe network. Switching from a conventional Wide-Area Network (WAN) to a Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) will assist manufacturers in overcoming networking and communication problems to operate optimally following a crisis and as operations return to normal. Here is a closer look at how SD-WAN will assist manufacturers in their critical work:

Improving Connectivity

Top 10 SD-WAN Solution Companies - 2020Manufacturing requires continuous contact between multiple sites, so connectivity is critical. A manufacturing company comprises several sites, such as warehouses, plants, and branch offices, that are all spread out throughout the country. To control the supply chain, manufacturers must also be linked to suppliers and distributors. SD-WAN can bind tens of thousands, if not millions, of locations. As a company expands, the cloud-based approach will scale to meet increased connectivity needs. And when the network connects many locations, management is easy. An orchestration engine that allocates network resources and balances workloads is used to centralize SD-WAN management.

Segmenting the Network

Another way to improve security with SD-WAN is to segment the network. Manufacturing companies may use SD-WAN to set network segmentation policies. User types can monitor access to data and applications, securing assets in remote areas, data centers, and anywhere in between. Manufacturing companies rely on multiple sites and multiple job positions, so network segmentation is critical. Line of business, quality management, warehouse, administrative, and supply chain users can only see the data and software they need to do their jobs thanks to segmentation.

Increasing Flexibility

To keep up with market trends, manufacturers must remain adaptable. Increased demand for products puts more pressure on the network. The current crisis emphasizes the importance of producers being flexible. Manufacturing's bread and butter have always been new product introduction, but some firms have had to change gears entirely. Traditional WAN deployment takes months, preventing manufacturers from quickly adapting their networks to meet changing workload demands. SD-WAN can be set up in a matter of hours because it is software-defined and cloud-based.

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