How Will 5G Network Impact Organizations?

How Will 5G Network Impact Organizations?

Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Slowly, the 5G network is gaining popularity due to features like enhanced mobility, energy efficiency, less latency, and many more.

FREMONT, CA: Slowly and steadily, the availability of 5G service is increasing all over the U.S. because almost all primary wireless telecommunications service providers are launching it. Moreover, Asia is also not far behind from launching the 5G, although there are some on-going issues regarding the trade. Also, there will be a significant impact on the coronavirus epidemic due to which adopting it in countries like China can be delayed. In Europe, the adoption can be slow due to the country’s high population density and low-cost broadband infrastructure. 

Presently the carriers are also going to great length so that they can place themselves as the leader of 5G. The companies have even started accusing their competitors of exaggerating their claims even though the technology is at an infant stage, and also a limited number of consumers are aware of it. However, it is forecasted that there are benefits as well as challenges of the 5G network

What are the Benefits of using 5G Network? 

Top Wireless Technology CompaniesSince the 5G has started to gain momentum, so the adopters are expecting some vital improvements in their cellular service. 

• Less Latency- The users can anticipate to get 5ms latency to the network edge. There are several applications like gaming and financial that perform better with lower latency. 

• Increased Density- The network can support almost up to 1 million devices per square kilometer.

• Enhanced Mobility- The services will stay connected even when the user or system device travels to 500 kilometers per hour. 

• High Speed- In the downlink, the user will get a peak data rate of 20Gbps, and on the uplink, the speed can increase up to 10GBPS.

• Better Volume- Throughput of almost 10 terabits per second per square kilometer.

• Increased Energy Efficiency- There is a considerable reduction in power consumption in comparison with 4G. 


If things work according to the expectations of the industry observers, 5G can bring a revolution to technologies of the smart city Internet of Things (IoT). The growth of this field is immense, but it was not possible of the present baseband to handle such a massive number of data that is required to connect a city and the individuals in it like handsets, security, vehicles, emergency services, and others. Therefore the smart technologies that were manufactured to be used in residencies, industries, and agriculture can benefit from the super-fast 5G network.

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