How to Evaluate Secure Web Gateway for an Enterprise

How to Evaluate Secure Web Gateway for an Enterprise

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Web SecuritySecure Web Gateway (SWG) is commonly referred to as web content filters because it provides visibility and control necessary to reduce internet born risks. SWG is now evolved into more complex security controls and offered as both cloud-native and on-premise. This web security product protects the vast network from dangers associated with business transactions and internet browsing.

The key aspect to notice in internet usage is network security and to ensure IT-related risks gets minimized. That is why secure web gateways become effective to secure internet browsing. SWG acts as a valuable resource for implementing usage policies and reducing network security risks. Thus, SWG serves as a vital resource for a larger security program.

SWG usually operates between the user and the internet. It works with high efficiency and saves the overall cost. The high deployment rate of SWG has been powered by an increased need for protection when users access the internet.

Cloud-based SWG can now easily be implemented for large networks. Employing this cloud-based service, businesses can cut-down the operational and capital expenses associated with on-premise hardware. Additionally, the real-time analysis, computing power, and threat intelligence will allow cloud-based SWG to extend mitigation in the most complex network environment.

Here are some points to observe to evaluate SWG in an enterprise:

The enterprise should understand the web-related threats as they pertain to their users. Followed by this, it should be familiar with creating a list of business-related risks during this process. Noticing the existing compensating controls of an enterprise to reduce the web-related risk could also help in evaluating SWG. Also, ensure whether the business could measure success rate by implementing SWG. Once the organization defines its specific needs, the business professional can start examining the availability of SWG products and select the right one. 

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