How to Ensure that Remote Team Work Will be Secure?

How to Ensure that Remote Team Work Will be Secure?

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Wednesday, October 14, 2020

When business teams are working in remote areas, ensuring that these teams are secure is mandatory.

Fremont, CA: Working with remote teams is not an easy task that comes with its unique challenges and problems, especially when the security of the data and information is considered. With employees stretched across the globe connecting to the business, there is an increased risk of a wrong agent gaining access to the business, stealing information, and potentially planting malware. Here are some of the steps to ensure that the data and information are secure.

One of the CNBC studies on cybersecurity risks showed that employee negligence is a potent threat that emphasizes conducting meetings to eliminate any blind spots in employees’ awareness. Even if they are widespread, using a collaboration tool, they should be educated to handle any tech and internet problems. The employees should be made aware of spotting and managing suspicious links and emails, the risks of using free and public WiFi and creating rock-solid passwords.

There are situations where the employees are forced to use public WiFi as a necessity in hotels, airport lounges, and coffee shops. If that WiFi connection is not safe, then the user will quickly become prey for hackers. The best way to keep safe is to have a virtual private network, otherwise known as a VPN. A VPN will protect the employee data by adding security irrespective of the WiFi that the user is connected to. This will protect their activity, data, information, and passwords from harmful agents using public WiFi networks to obtain valuable business information. It is a cost-effective solution and a simple cure for all the risks of public networks.

Utilizing two-step verification takes all the power out of the bad agent’s hands while protecting the business from phishing and leaking of passwords. And it should be mandatory in any remote team the business is part of. Also, moving the business to cloud with employees working at distant locations can allow them to work from anywhere while giving secure access to them. Implementing the strategies, as mentioned above, can make sure that the remote teams are less exposed to security risks.

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