How SDN Can Help Enhance Business Performance

How SDN Can Help Enhance Business Performance

Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, May 28, 2021

The advantage of SDN is that it allows them to future-proof the infrastructure, which helps them to gain new agility and flexibility in their networks.

FREMONT, CA: The structural foundations of the IT infrastructures used to be traditional networks. Physical effort and manual intervention were needed to make significant improvements to these static networks, primarily made up of hardware.

Datacenter virtualization and cloud computing have mitigated some of the problems caused by outdated networking technologies. Software-defined networks (SDNs) are a modern technology that is simplifying and streamlining networking.

SDN technology analyses network features, detaching the data plane from the control plane and separating it from physical hardware. Organizations can make decisions and set policies using the centralized control plane, and they can do it at scale. The hardware serves as a data plane that responds to transformations in the control plane. SDNs help businesses achieve new mobility and versatility in their networks by making infrastructure more elastic.

SDN can even virtualize network functions, which eliminates the requirement of purpose-built hardware. Companies used to buy various equipment to provide networking capabilities, such as routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, and so on. Since SDN has made the network software-based, these features can now be delivered virtually. Companies can also use software to expand the ability or add new features.

Advanced SDN Capabilities

Earlier, networks did not distinguish between applications and treated all of them equally. Numerous applications are used for today's businesses. Some are more important to the company's success than others.

For C-level executives, a videoconferencing application may be highly crucial. When it comes to closing the books each month, perhaps finance needs the highest possible throughput. It can prioritize and distinguish each application using SDN technology.

Irrespective of geography or user demand, SDN technology helps to guarantee consistent, predictable application efficiency. High priority is given to crucial applications. When demand is strong, technology redirects less essential programs to alternative routes.

Network telemetry provides real-time information about the network's performance, allowing applications to use available resources better. It prevents organizations from overcapacity resources and will enable them to optimize the value of their present IT to ensure network success.

Context-aware SDN applications can also assist network administrators in responding to new demands, like a shift in data traffic patterns. In the event of a merger or takeover, SDN technology can connect with the new organization's network. Companies that had implemented SDN rapidly adapted to new traffic trends and network requirements arising from work-from-home mandates during the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

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