How Optical Networks is Scaling Up with New Technologies

How Optical Networks is Scaling Up with New Technologies

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Thursday, June 18, 2020

The increasing demand for the bandwidth is forcing the network providers to apply advanced technology.

FREMONT, CA: Today, network providers are pressurized to deliver high-speed, dependent, on-demand, and global connectivity. The interface offered by the servers has to address the issues of network scalability with the assistance of cable operators, service, and content providers. The providers might have a limited amount of fiber resources, but they are trying to avoid the expense required to lease new fiber, or they may also not get fiber in some of the specific locations. However, it can be a competitive benefit for the network providers to insert network capacity in the areas where there is less or no field visits. With this benefit, they can address the demand of the customers swiftly and by offering an enhanced experience to the end-users. 

How to scale networks? 

Top 10 Optical Networking Solution Companies - 2019With the advancement of optical communication technologies, various options can be used to scaling the networks efficiently with the existing fiber assets. The strategic network planner can also prioritize on a single or the following combined approaches:

• C&L-band photonic line system
• Advanced software analytics
• New coherent optics

Coherent Optics 

There are reasons for which it has become necessary for coherent optics to expand within more networking applications. Presently the industries are investigating the practicality of bringing technology in the data center due to which the optics are moving further from the traditional forms of terrestrial and submarine into the access.

It is the responsibility of the coherent modem to translate the digital data in an optical sign. The performance of the modem will be dictated by the strength of the design and the technology implemented in it. This is the crucial reason selecting the coherent modem plays a significant role while scaling the optical network's capacity and cost. 

The development of technology in the software and hardware sector is transforming the area of networking by bringing evolution to an efficient and flexible adaptive network. Advancement in the coherent optics and photonic line system is offering the servers a better capacity per optical fiber. However, a wide range of monitoring points and knobs that can get adjusted for various applications makes hardware extremely intelligent. The analytic apps can even gather real-time network data that can be utilized to gain actionable information. 

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