How Microsegmentation is Helping Companies to Attain Better IoT...

How Microsegmentation is Helping Companies to Attain Better IoT Security

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, November 08, 2019

The introduction of microsegmentation as part of the IoT security strategy can help the organizations to attain more granular control of the network systems and also provide better isolation if a security flaw is exploited.

FREMONT, CA: The Internet of Things (IoT) has promised some enormous advantages for organizations, such as improved manufacturing processes, better customer services, and more significant insights about the performance of corporate assets and finished products. However, in the long run, there might be security issues with the IoT the nagging security issues related to IoT, and this has become a massive concern for companies, and in some cases, they may also restrict themselves from moving forward with the technology. Although there can be one possible solution that can tackle some of the risks created by IoT and that is microsegmentation. According to experts, Microsegmentation is a concept in networking that can keep IoT environments under control.

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With the help of microsegmentation, companies can create secure zones not only within their data centers but also in cloud environments that will allow them to isolate workloads from each other and also secure them individually. In IoT environments, microsegmentation can provide organizations with greater control over the increasing amount of lateral communication that happens between devices and the bypassing perimeter-focused security tools.

However, it may be too early for the companies to trust and use microsegmentation for IoT. But, the industry watchers are hopeful about it as it has the potential for IoT deployments that will urge enterprises to adopt microsegmentation to achieve more granular and less complicated protection than the usual firewalls can provide.

IoT introduces new security risks

IoT security risks can consist of any number of threats connecting the connected devices themselves, the software that supports IoT, and the networks that make all the connections possible.

Since the IoT deployments have grown immensely, the security threats have also improved. The situation with security has now become complicated as many organizations are not aware of the problems regarding the IoT devices or applications in their environment or from a third party vendor.  According to business experts, companies do not have centralized accountability or manage the risks caused by IoT.

How microsegmentation helps IoT security?

Microsegmentation has been designed to make the safety of the network more granular. The other traditional solutions, such as next-generation firewalls, virtual local area networks (VLAN), and access control lists (ACL), may offer some level of network security and segmentation. But with microsegmentation, various policies are applied to individual workloads so that they can provide better and more protection against attacks. As a result, microsegmentation can provide more fine-grained segmentation of traffic than VLANs.  The tool can also stop the attackers from gaining entry into the networks to cause damage as it has greater control over traffics in the data center than products like firewalls.

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