How is Digital Transformation on Networks Opening New Doors for...

How is Digital Transformation on Networks Opening New Doors for Businesses?

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Technology is emerging at an accelerated pace and is primarily driven by the demands of the user experience, will redefine networking and security.

FREMONT, CA: A business to be highly responsive and customer-centric requires high-performance agility from the network and systems that they use, which enables more significant innovation internally and memorable user experience. Businesses have to embrace automation, and software-defined networking at the same time improves security to unleash the promise of digital transformation. It has augmented the importance of the network, specifically the edge, where employees, customers, cloud applications, and IoT devices connect to the enterprise. The network edge of the past year is no longer sufficient to cater to the rising demands for various reasons, hence as the companies embark on digital-transformation plans, their networks must evolve.

Improving security and embracing software-defined networking (SDN), which supports the propagating changes quickly throughout the network to accommodate the many challenges digital transformation gives rise to. There are various ways to tackle the challenges associated with digital transformation.

Adopting SDN

The new generation of networks needs to be highly agile to ensure the propagation of changes across the network in real-time, allows it to keep up with the demands of the business. The network changes can be monitored with application alterations so that the lagging performance does not slow the business down. For ensuring a higher level of agility, the infrastructure needs to be refreshed if the network is more than five years old, which means to adopt SDN. 


Manual processes have been a norm since there were networks, but they have to be replaced by faster, forward-looking automation to better the company’s performance. Automation frees the company form a time-consuming burden and allows network engineers to concentrate on more strategic initiatives. Additionally, automating reoccurring tasks include running a network, which is the initial step in evolving to an intent-based network, where the network reciprocates to the admins’ requests automatically.

Inherent Security

The network is tightly coupled with inherent security, with this type of security; the network itself behaves like a security platform which includes an extensive ecosystem of the best-of-breed tools that can deliver integrated and automated compliance checks, mitigation, and threat detection. Inherent security protects the networks form threats when a new device is onboard until its session is over.

The opportunities that the businesses will be acquainted with as a result of adopting digital transformation are massive, and it will change the way businesses will function.

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